Gluten Free Veggie Pizza with Sausage // The Best Pizza Ever

Remember a few weeks ago on a week in a blink, I mentioned the best pizza I have ever tasted, and promised I would devote a whole blog post to it? (run-on sentence anyone?)

Well my loves, that day has come.

Its time for you to be introduced to the king of pizzas.
A love affair for the veggies eaters and meat lovers alike.
A crust so soft and crisp and perfect, as it should always be-gluten free or not.

This pizza. Oh this pizza. 
I am salivating over just the memory of it.

I'm going to eat it again tomorrow. You can't stop me.

 Why is it so delicious?
Well, first of all, look at it.
Its pretty obvious the amount of deliciousness that is stacked up onto that little crust.

Oh but the crust! 
Thats one of the secrets. 
Its amazing.

Its super easy to make, only needs a half an hour to rise (as opposed to some other brands, that shall not be named, that take an hour or two--and still don't taste as good.) is the perfect texture, delicious taste, and honestly--does not taste gluten free in the slightest.
It tastes like any other gluten filled thin crust pizza.

I'm really excited about it guys. What I'm not excited about: the fact that only one grocery store in town carries it, and sells it for almost ten buckeroos.

No bueno.

It does make two pizzas though....and they are super delicious...if thats any consolation.

Making this pizza is not hard at all.
First off, you just follow the instructions on the pizza mix baggy to make the crust. eee-zeee

Next, make a spinach pesto sauce. You make it the same way as you would my basil pesto, but replace the basil with spinach. I use a spinach pesto instead of basil, so the flavor is a little milder. I did try it with regular basil pesto, and it was good-its just better with spinach :)
I do add a few leaves of basil, or two of these Dorot basil squares. I love those little squares, they make life easier. (you can also use a garlic square in place of a fresh clove for the pesto)

Now that you have a crust, and pesto--smear that sauce on that crust!
Not hard at all.

Now the toppings:
You can add any vegetables you want, in any quantity. Heres what I like on mine, in the order in which they lay:
Peppers and Onions (I use TJ's frozen grilled peppers & onions, but fresh work)
Hot Italian Sausage, pre-cooked (you can use sweet as well, but the spicy kicks it up a notch)
Mushrooms, sliced
Fresh Tomatoes, Sliced
Zucchini, shredded
a little basil to top it off!

Your set! I promise, you wont miss the cheese at all.
This is actually the first pizza I've made, that I didn't miss the cheese on it.
I read somewhere one time that if dairy free, you could use shredded zucchini to replace the texture of cheese on pizza. I don't agree with that statement, it does not resemble cheese in the slightest, but I have been doing it ever since I read that article. Shredding it makes it very non-intrusive of your pizza, no matter what other toppings you have on it.

Dear friends, make this pizza. I dare you, you won't regret it.

I may have to have it tonight, because I'm not sure I can wait until tomorrow.
I just might have to have it tonight and tomorrow. Its that good, I'm telling you!

But even if you don't want to eat this vegtastic, taste popping pizza; do try Gluten Free Mamas pizza crust. It really is the best pizza crust I have found so far.


 *this is not a sponsored post. I just happen to really like the products mentioned here today.

Post edit: I did indeed make this for dinner tonight, except with a different pizza crust. ( I had a different brand already in the pantry) It was not nearly as good as last weeks. Its the crust guys, Gluten Free Mamas all the way.


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