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Yo whaddup

I wish I had some great excuse as to why I haven't even looked at this blog in almost a year, but alas the only excuses I have are that I've been non inspired and I forgot my password.

Those don't seem like big whoops, but let me tell you when you go to try and write something with no inspiration and realize you don't even know how to do a blog anymore it's real easy to just throw your hands up and say oh well too hard, gonna go watch netflix instead.

Why I have I been so uninspired? I don't know. 
Food just doesn't really do it for me anymore.

But you know what does?




Roasted Vegetable Pasta

Anybody still here?
Ya you are, I can see you still checking in for some odd reason.

My last post a million years ago, was about how I have embraced a vegan diet and I added a photo of a delicious skillet full of pasta.
Now here I am, still on a vegan diet and still eating that same roasted vegetable pasta dish basically every night for dinner. I guess the only right thing to do would be to share that recipe with you...except I don't really have a recipe so much as a list of ingredients and vague instructions. I refuse to be categorized as a food blogger, so if I just give really crappy instructions on delicious food I feel like that takes that title off of me while still giving me some street cred. My head is a really weird place, and this plan somehow makes sense up there.



About month or two ago I watched a documentary.

It was some shady back alley film I found on the internet, it was full of heated arguments and night vision shots of sad mistreated animals being raised for the slaughter house.

This film brought up an anger and sadness in me, but mostly just made me want to puke.
(I wouldn't recommend anyone go through those 40 something minutes of emotions on purpose.)

It also gave me an epiphany of sorts.


Chocolate Hazelnut Spread || Part Deux

Remember that one time I made some dairy free chocolate hazelnut spread, then made that crazy time consuming nutella crepe cake?!

How could you forget right. 
Well, you could probably forget quite easily because you weren't the one who spent a hundred years flipping crepes. 
But I will never forget.