Gluten Free, Dairy Free Popovers

Good afternoon, dear readers of this blog!
Did you all have a good weekend? I sure hope you did.
Did you fill it full of brunches? Waffles, eggs, crepes, popovers?
You don't know how to make gluten free popovers you say?
Well, my loves-its time to fix that.

Remember the other day, when I re-showed you how to make a delicious chocolate cupcake
Well, while I was deep in the loins of the blog early years, I came across this post.
Its dreadful really. I am pretty embarrassed by it.

I mean, look at those pictures. Awful.
Maybe its a bit of a blessing that my treasured computer was drowned by a glass of water. Who wants to keep and remember those photos forever, am I right?

sigh. I take that back. I'm still holding on to my hard-drive, for the day when someone somewhere can restore it former glory. Three years has not been long enough, I guess.

But, Popovers.

I did it guys. I made them pop over.

I'll be completely honest in the fact that this was only my second time ever making them.
I made them that first time, three years ago; than never again.
I feel a bit guilty about it, as I have two popover pans that have just been sitting unused for that whole time, collecting dust.
But the other day, while watching Food Network, I was reminded of those forgotten pans in my closet, and the failed baking attempt that I never redeemed.
I pulled them out right away, and made these little guys.
Let me tell you, I was glad I did.

Yum to the ee.

Popovers, if you don't know; are an egg based hollow roll, that pops over the top of the pan while cooking.
The insides, become a little bit custardy, and the outside crisp and flaky.
Popovers are a little bit harder to have gluten free, because they generally need the gluten to create shape and texture. 
Just like a baguette. Which someday, I will be able to create just right gluten free.

These puffy little babies require a good smearing of jam.
What woud be really good, and properly British would be some curd. Of the raspberry or lemon variety.

Oh my, that would be swell.

Let me share the recipe, with ya'll.

Here we go:

 *makes 6 popovers

Enjoy, my loves!

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