Shrimp Pasta with Pesto Sauce

Lately, I've been sharing with you a lot of treats. 
While all those sweet confections are delicious, its time to bring it back to real food.

Over the past year, I have cut out many different foods from my life.
I started 2012 already off gluten, and officially ended my back and forth relationship with dairy.
Then, I eliminated refined sugar and processed foods.
This plan worked well, with a free cookie pass every now and then.
I even managed to make it through 12 treats of Christmas, with only small taste tests.
Yay me!
I was doing so good, feeling better, and making my doctor(s) proud.
2013 however, has been a whole different story.

But we're fixing that. Starting now.

Are you with me cyber-friends!?

More real food recipes, less baked goods.
('cause lets be honest, I've only been making all these treats for your benefit)

Today, we shall begin with a pasta.

baby steps.

First step, 
Pesto makes me happy. I could eat it everyday, on everything.
I dont really follow a recipe for it, I just taste along the way as I add ingredients.
So, a rough estimate of a recipe will be at the end of this post.

To start it, 
Throw basil leaves in a food processor, along with pine nuts.
For this meal, I also added a handful of spinach with the pesto. I'm all about secret vegetables.
Pulse it all up.

Second step, (pardon the sun glare)
Add a minced clove of garlic. When you realize you are out of garlic, (how can I run out of garlic, I live off it, sheesh) look in freezer for a garlic cube from Trader Joes. 
Maybe add two if you have them.
 I didn't.
(I decided I needed more pine nuts as well, hence why they are in picture. no exact recipe remember?)

 Next, while processor is on-
drizzle in olive oil.

and Lemon juice.
Pesto Sauce-Done!

Step 2, in Shrimp pasta:

Zucchini strips/faux-noodles.

Boil 1 inch of water in pot with a steamer basket.

Julienne the zucchini/yellow squash with a vegetable peeler, and place in steaming basket for 2-4 minutes.
Until they are soft, but not mushy.

  step complete!

Boil water--add noodles. cook. drain water. dunzo!

*for paleo/carb free pasta-make more zucchini strips and eliminate noodles.

 prep step numero fouro-
defrost the bag of frozen pre-cooked Trader Joe's Shrimp, in cold water for like, 3 minutes.

You could, ya know, cook you're own.
But I'm not cool like that.

Plus, I'm still not convinced on shrimp.

Last prep step, slice grape tomatoes in half.

Assemble time!
Add noodles, and zucchini strips.
Toss toss.

Throw in shrimp and tomatoes.

And Pesto sauce.

and you're done friends!

Eat up!

Heres the Recipe:


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