Week in a Blink: What my Iphone says!

and....we're back!

Heres whats been goin' on around here lately.

dailybreakfast :: finally {semi} finished my dresser, yay! :: homeade Chipotle, because I have to have a burrito bowl at least once a week :: TJ's now has GF flour!and its good! :: my lemons and blueberries are starting to produce.woot woot. :: lovin the chambray and animal prints :: crunchy green beans. 'cause apparently potatoe chips are not a vegetable :: pizza. oh this pizza. a whole post may have to be devoted to this pizza. :: Paleo lemon artichoke chicken :: banana muffins :: rockin' those bangs. ya know it. :: fresh picked blueberries.

And there you have it.

Have a great weekend, catch ya' on the flip side!