Practical Paleo Stuffed Mushrooms

I love hor d'oeuvres. 
Most of the time, I would be fine to eat appetizers and skip right to dessert. No entree neccesary.
I like finger foods, cute little bits of goodness I can pop right into my mouth.
I especially love cute mini things.

Which is why I was very excited to receive this book for Christmas.

But I I also was gifted this book for Christmas:

I saw at Costco weeks before the holidays arrived, and wanted it to be mine right away. I kind of collect cookbooks you see, not just any cookbooks-but ones full of beautiful pictures and completely unapproachable recipes.

This one though, I new would be a much used and loved addition to my collection.

I don't like to go to Costco by myself. That store is a whole experience, one that must be shared, and one that must be payed for by other people. ;)

That being said, along with whoever happened to be my Costco companion, I would venture into the book section. There, I would just so happen across this book every time and throw out some hinting comments. 

Oh this food looks good! Lots of ways to eat vegetables, just what I need! Look at these helpful tear out sheets, perfect!

But alas, no one wanted to buy it for me. sigh.

Then, December arrived. Presents where bought, and me-the official gift wrapper got to have an advanced perusal of each one. One day, My mother came with fresh gifts for my review and wrappings, and what did she have in her hands? None other than my book, the book I had been salivating over for weeks. 

I got this for your sister, she would like it right?

Oh I dunno, but I sure would enjoy it.

Maybe she'll let you borrow it some time.

Thanks Mom. Sheesh.

and thats how that went.
Obviously you know the end of the story, as I am now the proud owner of said book. She came through and got me my book of desire.

In case you don't know about the Paleo diet, it is a food plan based off of the Paleolithic period-or caveman times. No grains, dairy, legumes, sugar or processed oils.

While I don't officially follow this plan, I do use a lot of Paleo recipes as they follow my strict allergy diet. I can't give up my quinoa or hummus.

My first recipe I tried from this book, was the Lemon Artichoke Chicken, which I featured in the latest week in a blink. It was easy and pretty tasty. (I don't really like artichokes, or capers-so I thought it was ok. Others who consumed it really liked it)

Next I made these stuffed mushrooms, because I love stuffed mushrooms.

I had yet to eat a stuffed mushroom dairy free, and was really looking forward to it. 
The last time I made stuffed mushrooms, was for New Years Eve a while back. We shopped at beloved Costco, and ended up with a giant brick of cream cheese for said mushrooms. A brick of cheese that I barely made a dent in for mushrooms, and then had to make up creative uses for cream cheese for about two weeks after. {some really yummy things did come out of it though}
True story.

These allergen friendly, health concious mushrooms did not disappoint though. They were de-licious.
I wished I had ten more to eat.
I am salivating just thinking about how scrumptious they are.

While I can't actually share the recipe with you, (we take copyright infringement real serious over here)

I can tell you it had a little of this:

made into a little of this:

Can you see whats in there? Maybe some spinach? A little onion? Whats those orange pieces? Peppers? Of course!

Yum! Nice and crunchy on the top.

Whether you are on a Paleo diet or not, you should go get this book.
It has great information on many different illnesses and stomach issues, as well as delicious carb free recipes.

When you get it, make these mushrooms.

You won't regret it.


Post Edit: I Just made these again. They were still delicious. But I remembered that I forgot (got that?) to tell you about the craving these cured. Bagel Bites. I love them. I can't eat them. These mushrooms somehow cure that craving. weird huh? Thats all. Peace out. kiss-kiss.


  1. can you give us the instructions and the ingredients please

    1. As it mentions in the post, this is a recipe from the cookbook Practical Paleo. It would be a copyright infringement for me to post the actual recipe. This is purely a review and I would advise you to purchase this book! It has many great recipes.