Celiac Symptoms // On a fun little printable!

Celiac Disease Symptoms

A few years ago I was quite the mess. Actually I still am a pretty big mess, but in a different kinda way.

But back to a few years ago, I could check off basically every one of these things. Because there where so many symptoms, that where seemingly unrelated it was really difficult to reach a proper diagnoses. You gotta look at the whole picture, not just the little puzzle pieces, ya know?

Eventually I was given a proper diagnoses, and all is {almost} well in my world. I am still dealing with many health issues, and problems from a delayed diagnosis and the damage gluten has caused in my body. Someday I will be completely cured of all this drama. I sure hope anyway.

I'm sharing this wonderful printable with ya'll today, which was created by the ever wise gluten dude, in hopes of spreading the word a little about Celiac.

Gluten free is not just a fad for most of us, and the symptoms are real, painful, and completely overwhelming. There are many people out there who are most likely suffering from several of these symptoms, with no explanation or treatment.

Lets help them out guys! Share this image on your own blogs, pinterest, instagram, facebook, tumblr, twitter and whatever other social media situation you have!

You can also read about my Celiac journey here.

Love you all, kiss kiss!

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