They Popped! Over.....

I've been thinking about them for awhile.
I exhausted the internet, I scoured my cookbooks; I just couldn't find the one.
Then one day out of the blue, a box of King Arthurs Gluten Free Flour {click to go to recipe} appeared on the counter. Guess what recipe was on the back?

The way they smell, the light flaky buttery glow, and most of all; the way they pop. I dream of these popovers.
Monday started with big dreaming....but was not able to get to it. Tuesday, I waited all day to get to the store. Of course, I can't just run in and out at Bed Bath and Beyond, I found my popover pans right away, but of course I had to scope out my Christmas dream list while there:). While I was in the Christmas spirit, I decided to check out the ornaments at World Market. Where sure enough, they also had a popover pan; for half the price, it would of been silly of me not to buy it. With two pans, and some other goodies I headed home to where Dinner was far overdue, and me starving and tired: baking was not gonna happen. Wednesday came along, and I made it my mission to get them made. They would go perfect with the spaghetti that was brewing.

I whisked and mixed and poured the batter. I inserted the smooth goo into my freshly purchased pans.

I peeked through the oven window and watched as they rose higher and higher. I adjusted the temperture at just the right time, and saw the air grow inside as the top built up along with my excitement. I pulled them out of the oven.....

My dream..........

My Reality.
They did not pop.

They did not taste flaky and full of buttery deliciousness.

They were a failure of epic perportions.
The second I removed the trays from the oven, they started to sink (they were a little bit popped at first).  They lost approximately a centimeter a second, and seeing how they were only about a half an inch to begin with...after a few minutes they were at a deep negatevo.

So what do you do with a dozen failed popover? Well, they are edible, hollow, and $10 worth of gluten free ingredients-they must be used.

You fill em' up of course! 

* to turn lemons into lemonade: Add some pudding, cream, or Trader Joes cranberry-apple pie filling (as I did) into unsuccessfully popped-overs.

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