How the bean became the bean

In my mind, you are probably all wondering how this blog came to be. Maybe you couldn't care less-but in my imagination, you are all at the edge of your seats waiting for me to finish this post.

you are right?

I am the youngest of six children. That means, by the time I came around, there was five kids between the ages of four and fourteen that were ready for name calling. Affectionatly so, I suppose.
I also was born to a beloved Grandpa who liked to sing all our names in song.

My father, who's official name is Cornelis, claims I am named after him, (if only your mother let you be named corina with a o! he says) but that is beside the point.
What is to the point, is that he also likes to randomly break into song. A habit that myself, and at least one other sister of mine are now cursed with.

Thus the song was created.

carina-beana-bo-bina, fe-fi-fo-fina, carina!

By whom, it was created? I dunno. It just came to be.

The song, then became a nickname (carina-bean)

A nickname, in which the sister who pushed me to create this blog uses.

Now you know. Mystery solved.

Just took a load of your back, for sure.

*Post edit: According to my mother, this tune may or may not have been created by my dear Aunt Susie :)
But who really knows...