In other news...

Have you heard?
2013 is officially the year of quinoa.

This was a top story on our local news station the other day. But of course the newscaster pronounced in qwee-no-ah, before he was corrected and said it the right way.
Just like the guy on bachelorette that one time. Did I talk about that already? I dunno. But is lack of intelligence got him booted shortly after that incident. Or it could've been the fact that they so clearly had nothing else to talk about over dinner except the dinner itself...

Beside the point. Can you tell I have Bachelor on the brain? Season premier tonight!

Back to the point-
I don't understand why it is so hard to pronounce quinoa correctly.
I mean, it shows the pronunciation right on the bag or box, depending on whatever packaging tickles your fancy.
Keen-wah people.

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