Food Find Friday: Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies

As its been made very apparent over this blog, I love me some Enjoy Life products.

If you knew me, you'd also know that I love me some cookies.

I'd take a cookie at any time. 
A breakfast cookie, a dinner cookie, a snack cookie and a little dessert.

Anytime is cookie time.

So of course an Enjoy Life cookie is gonna be the bomb dot com.

When I received this glorious box of happiness, it took great restraint to not dive in and eat them all at once. 
Pictures had to be taken, tastes had to be tested. So much work to do. 

Eating delicious cookies, make for a very hard life.

But lets get down to business shall we.

Enjoy Life's Crunchy Cookies.

Comes in four yummalicious flavors.

Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Honey Graham, Sugar Crisp, and Double Chocolate.

Unfortunately, they got a little bit rough and tumbled on the journey to me. About 72% of the cookies were broken. Which meant I had to eat all the crumbly evidence. Again, such a hard life I live.

The first up {and most crumbled} were the Crunchy Double Chocolate cookies.

Chocolate flavored cookies with chips of Enjoy Life's chocolate mixed in. Double the chocolate you see.

Yes they are crunchy cookies, but they melt like butta' in your mouth. Chocolate, and more chocolate, yet not too overwhelmingly chocolate. 
Thats how you do it folks!

I may not have eaten well with my eyes on these guys, but my taste buds were very well treated.

I really have an additionally hard time believing that they have no dairy. There must be some milk and butter hiding in their somewhere. How else do they taste so wonderful, huh?

Next up to bat, was the Vanilla Honey Graham Cookies.

These are quite possibly my favorite.

They taste like a sugar cookie and a graham cracker made a a beautiful cookie child together.

This cookie child is glorious. She's got great times ahead of her.

Just like the chocolate cookies, theses little ladies melt away in your mouth. Crumbling perfectly onto your taste buds.

Those little buds will be very happy with you. I promise.

After I purged on them cookies, I tested out the Crunchy Chocolate Chip cookies.

These cookies looked perfectly. Notta one broken cookie. Winning!

They were also he most crunchy of the crunchy cookies. The chocolate chips were distributed perfectly throughout the little sugar circle, and they were flavored just right-not too sweet, with a little edge.

You know all those many different brands up and down the aisles of grocery stores? 
These little fellas, 

Just tellin' it like it is, folks.

Last, but certainly not least was the Crunchy Sugar Crisp cookies.

Happiness in a cardboard box.

Can you see those sugar crystals? 
A sugared sugar cookie!! Whoot whoot!

These cookies were not as melt in your mouth smooth as the chocolate and honey graham cookie, but not quite as crunchy as the chocolate chip either. 

Right in the middle. Just as a sugar cookie should be.

Cookies. Eat one.

Eat them all.

Don't settle for only one flavor. 

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{while the product reviewed today was provided for testing, no monetary compensation was provided for this article. all opinions on this site are wholly mine, without outside influence}

What did I do with all these cookie after I stuffed my face?

Made a special treat, thats what!


  1. The 'grahams' are my favorite--and the broken choco cookies are yummy in coconut ice cream! :)

  2. "They taste like a sugar cookie and a graham cracker made a a beautiful cookie child together.

    This cookie child is glorious. She's got great times ahead of her."

    Blogger gold.