Food Find Friday: Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Crunch Granola

I like breakfast.

I like cereal. I like waffles, I like eggs on toast, I like bacon, and sausage, and hash browns.

I once liked oatmeal, and I once enjoyed yogurt with granola.

Even though I love breakfast, I don't actually like eating in the morning. 

I'm a brunch, and breakfast for dinner kind-a-girl.

I also like dessert.

I have to have a treat after dinner. 

I just do.

I can't move on without finishing off my taste buds with something sweet. 

Chocolate is best.
No one can ever have enough chocolate ya know, I'm sure its scientifically proven.

So when I find something that makes it possible for me to eat a sweet breakfast treat, a happy little jig must be done.

Enjoy Life's Double Chocolate Crunch granola made me do just that.

As all Enjoy Life products, the crunchy chocolate granola free of the eight common allergies.
It is gluten free, vegan, kosher, casein free, free of trans fats, and has no artificial ingredients.

Awesome possum!

Its a crunchy chocolate coated granola, without oats, with some of them mini chocolate chips mixed right in!

It's chocolate.
It's sweet.
It's a breakfast item.


This granola is best as a dessert, in my opinion.

Its the perfect nighttime snack, sweet, chocolatey, crunchy, and not too heavy.

You can eat it with a splash of milk, you can eat it by the handfuls, or you can eat it topped with some yogurt. {I particularly like it that way}

Or you can make it into a granola bar.

{while the product talked about today was provided for testing, no monetary compensation was given. The opinions on this site are wholly mine, without other influence.}

Park your horses for a little bit, the recipes a comin'!

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