Food Find Friday: Enjoy Life's Plentils

Let me start off by saying that I don't particularly care for lentil chips.

I decided though, after a long deep discussion with myself, that the reason that they are not my chip of choice, is because they all lack flavor.

Salt with or without pepper, is not a flavor.
It just isn't.
It's simply a natural state of being.

Everything has salt in it. It does.
Name one thing that doesn't have salt in it. Do it. I dare you.

You can't think of anything, huh? Told you so.

I do Like potato chips though. I could live of potato chips. and bacon.
Sounds super healthy to me.

When I heard about Enjoy Life's new Plentil chips, and all of their different flavors--I was pretty excited about it.
As you know, I love Enjoy life products.
They make me enjoy life. {Get it? Thought you would.}

These actually are pretty healthy. and not just in my imaginary mind.

This being their first non-sweet treat though, I was curious if they would actually taste good. Especially when I heard what the flavors were to be. How can you have a parmesan and a sour cream chip without dairy? and without all those artificial flavors that all flavored chips seem to have?

Well folks, turns out them chips don't need any dairy or fake flavoring in them after all.

Lays, I feel so betrayed by you.

Heres some fun Facts about Enjoy Life:

  • free of the top eight allergens; wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, and shell fish. {most products are also free of potatoes, sesame, sulfites, and casein--plentils do have potato}
  • Certified gluten free and kosher.
  • no artificial ingredients, trans fats, or genetically modified ingredients.

And now, the stars of todays show:

Light Sea Salt: As I have told you, I don't really consider salt a "flavor", so I tried this one first to really focus on the chip. These chips do have potato in it, and I could really taste it in this naked chip. I consider that a good thing. It was crunchy, but it also kinda melts away in our mouth. 
It was quite good, however the term lightly salted is definitely true. It could have used a more medium salting, but I enjoyed it. I bet they would taste good with ice cream. and chocolate. Have you ever ate ice cream and/or chocolate with salt only chips? Its delish. Try it. Now.

Margherita Pizza: I love pizza. I love margherita pizza. I love anything that is flavored pizza or margherita, or margherita pizza. So naturally, this flavor was the one I was most excited about. I was right to be excited. it was yummilicious. It had the perfect amount of seasoning on it, and no bites overwhelmed your taste buds. I will for sure, be buying this flavor in the future.

Dill and Sour Cream: The first of the faux dairy chips. I was worried that I wouldn't like this one, and it was not my favorite-but it was suprisingly tasty. It tasted like tartar sauce actually. Or maybe thats just what I associate dill with. Either way, they had a very dill-like flavor to them, with a hint of tart.

Garlic and Parmesan: These I would say, definitely give the margherita flavor a run for their money. They have a tartness to them, thats almost sweet, and a very subtle garlic flavor to them. I like garlic. like a lot. About as much as pizza. Actually, I like garlic on my pizza. I like garlic on my plentils. and thats that.

Many members of my family also tried out some of them plentils. The consensus was that they are yummy, to the old and young alike. Those who normally like lentil chips, and those who don't. 

In fact, peeps, you don't even have to tell anyone there is lentils in there. They won't know the difference.

No one has to know they are healthy. 

It will be our little secret. {cue evil laugh}

Moral of this story. Plentils are good. 

You should try some plentils. 

You should eat them with ice cream. 
You should eat them with chocolate. 
You should eat them upside down. 
You should actually not eat them upside down. 
You may choke, and it may result tragically, and than you won't get to eat you Plentils anymore. 
That would sure be a waste.

*While the product today was provided to me for testing, I was not compensated for this review; the opinions on this site are wholly mine, without other influence.

To read more about Plentils, and to see all the nutrition facts and ingredients, visit plentils.com.