Food Find Friday: Enjoy Life Chocolate Chunks

As I have mentioned five point three billion times, I love Enjoy Life Chocolate.

Its the only chocolate I will eat these days.

There are exactly three ingredients. Those ingredients do not include gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, corn, or about a zillion other things-'cause there are only three ingredients remember.

If you haven't noticed, every other kind of chocolate on the planet has soy added to it. 

Not them chocolate chunks. Nope, no unneccessary ingredients added.

I use both the chocolate chunks and mini chocolate chips for baking, but the chunks don't usually make it  into baked goods, as my mouth generally claims them way before a recipe can get ahold of the bag.

There really isn't much to say about it, they just taste like chocolate chips. 

They aren't necessarily a billion times better than any other chocolate chips, they really taste just like any regular {high quality} chocolate; its whats missing that makes it extraordinary. 

and it doesn't taste like wax.
Thats a bonus.

If you eat chocolate, use chocolate chips, or wish you did--get some of them choco chunks instead!

No soy!
No preservatives!
No artificial flavorings!
No allergens!
No guilt!

 Okay, maybe a little guilt.

But not much, because it has no soy! no preservatives! no artificial flavorings! no allergens!

I'm actually eating some right now, if you were wondering.

The day I discovered that Target carried said chocolate, I may have done a happy dance up and down the aisle. A whole dollar cheaper than at the natural food store I had been purchasing them from. 

Get yours today. 

You'll Enjoy it.

Did you buy them yet? 

If you did, you can make these delicious Dream bars. 



Because I'm so wonderful, I'll share this scrumptious  recipe with you fine folks.

Stay tuned.

*while the product reviewed today provided to me for testing, no monetary compensation was given to me for this review. The opinions on this site are wholly mine, without other influence.

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