New and Approved Enjoy Life Chewy Bars

So, a couple months ago I started yet another new job. Between boringness, urgent medical leaves, travel time and crazy bosses, I have been employed by several different medical offices over the years. This new one seems like it might stick though, the best part its in a gastro office. Peoples with stomach troubles, are my people. 

Anyway, why I'm telling you this extremely riveting story, is that while being busy busy at work all day, I get hungry. I am a snacker, I need my mid morning, and mid afternoon snack. Breakfast is not really my thing in the morning, lunch-ehhh. But snack time, I'm all over that.

So what quick and easy snack to I have, basically everyday? Why, Enjoy Life Chewy Bars of course.
They are quick, easy, and dare I say filling. (for a snack bar anyway;)
I wrote a review on these bars a while back, but they have since revamped both their packaging and recipes for these bars. 

During these changes, my local grocery stores where all giving me heart attacks while all the Enjoy Life products slowly disappeared from their shelves. It was majorly stressful guys. Thankfully, the new and improved products have slowly started to make their way back into stores. In fact, I've noticed that most of these new and improved chewy bars, even feature a sample bar of one of the decadent bars. Whoohoo!

But lets get to the new Chewy bars, and my verdict on the new recipes, shall we?!

Cocoa Loco. I am loco for cocoa.
Sorry, had to do it.
This flavors improvement claim is that it has even more chocolatey deliciousness then before. 
When I received these bars, I just happened to have one of the "old" bars on hand, so naturally a side by side comparison was made. Sure enough, the new bars appeared to have more chocolate chips, and had a much more enhanced sweetness to the chocolate bar. 
New bar beat the old bar, hands down.
(not to say the old bar was not good, because it totally was. The new bar was just better ;)

Its claim is that it now features ancient grains.
 Which, I mean-did it not have those before? I don't really know.

I had tried this bar flavor for the first time when I last reviewed these bars. Upon trying them, I declared them my new favorite bar. I don't feel like the bars with the new recipe taste much different. Which is a good thing, because I like them just the way they are.

But yay for ancient grains, right?

Now, the Mixed Berry bars.
This flavor is what I found to be the most improved, hands down.
Previously, this bar had not been my favorite. It was kind of bland, with just bits of berry pieces that kind of reminded my of cough syrup. No longer. 
the WHOLE bar now tastes berry-tastic, and it has plenty of real berry pieces that taste sweet and chewy.

It is also the flavor that all my stores seem to carry, so I'm glad it tastes so good.

Caramel Apple is last but not least, 
I also quite enjoyed the changes in this bar. 
It seems to have a more enhanced cinnamon flavor, and tastes like a wonderful fall day.
Too much?
But really, the bar of the bar has much more flavor, and it still has those perfect little apple pieces.

So my gluten free friends, 
Now you have it. 
Enjoy Life's new and improved Chewy bars, are both new and improved.
Check them out now, at your local grocery store!
And check out the Enjoy Life Website for other products, recipes and coupons!

Also, read my other review on Enjoy Life products, here.


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