Food Find Friday:: Enjoy Life Decadent Bars

Yay! A Food Find Friday! You guys have been missing them, huh? ;)
Well, my loves-I have a brand new find for you today. A product that has barely even hit shelves, one that I have been drooling over ever since the day I first heard the news of their arrival.

What is this product you ask?

Why, its Enjoy Life Foods new Decadent Bars!
This new product from Enjoy Life, is a delicious chewy bar drizzled in chocolate, and as they say: "made with 100% decadence". 
Tagline a little cheezy, I know. But they are pretty delectable.
As with all of their products, these bars are made free of the eight common allergens: wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish and shellfish. They are also verified non-GMO, made in a dedicated allergen safe facility, and contain no artificial ingredients. 
Do you understand why I love them so much now?

These decadent snack bars, come in four flavors.
Cherry Cobbler, S'mores, Chocolate Sunbutter, and Cinnamon Bun.

And as with the chewy bars before them, they come five in a box. Which I may just never understand...{please just add one more! Make it an even six!}

I take my job on this blog, very seriously. And although difficult at times, I must sacrifice for the people. Today, I am going to a great sacrifice of eating all these bars.
Somehow, I will find a way to manage...

Lets break 'em down:

First to the plate, 
{guess what? you don't actually need a plate to eat these! whoa.}

are the S'mores bars:

I love s'mores. They make me happy.
This bar? It also makes me happy.

When eating the S'mores bar, you are greeted with a chocolatey flavor, and lots of crunch.
In each bite, you will discover the brands wonderful mini chocolate chips, as well as some crunchy rice cereal. 
The even cooler part of these bars? They also have chunks of EL's Vanilla Honey Graham cookie.

The S'mores bar is a bit of a recycling ground for the delicious. Enjoy Life used a mixture of their product strengths, to create a new treat. Very innovative, if you ask me.

But back to the bar:
From the chocolate drizzle, the chips, the cookies, and the marshmallow "flavorettes" as they call them, this bar hits the s'mores spot.
It also hits the chocolate spot, which is a spot that often needs hitting 'round here. 

Now, the Cinnamon Bun Decadent bar.

At first glance of all the bars, I would have thought this flavor would have been my favorite.
I mean, I love chocolate and all, but a cinnamon bun! yummy-roo.

But while I found this bar good, It was certainly not my favorite. (not my least favorite either, though!}

This Cinnamon Bun bar, appears as a regular, allergy filled cereal bar. You would assume, without seeing the box-that it would have a old timing man in a blue hat on the front, you know the kind.
But alas, it is not! 
However, it does sure taste like breakfast; which is fine by me. I like breakfast.

After taking a bite, your mouth will be treated to the flavors of cinnamon and orange. As you go on, you'll discover bits of apple and raisins. 
It also has rice crisps in it, but has a much softer feel to it than the s'mores bar.

So does it taste like a cinnamon bun, fresh from the mall kiosk?
But it does taste like a warm bowl of breakfast oatmeal.
So if your into that, this bar is for you! 

I certainly liked this bar, but would have liked it a lot better had the orange flavor been a little more subtle. but thats just me--I am very sensitive to those kind of things.

Forward and onward, 
to the
Cherry Cobbler Decadent bar.

Now heres where I get a little lost en route to flavortown. 

This bar is certainly my least favorite of the four flavors.

The flavor profile to this bar is pretty simple to that of its namesake. Tart cherries, with an essence of cinnamon and cloves.

To me, it tastes a bit like potpourri infused cough syrup.
To another taste tester (I like to make these tastings a family affair) it was their favorite of the bunch, and reminded them of Christmas.

Moral of the story: to each their own.
Just because it was not my fave, does not mean it won't be yours!

Moving on.
Chocolate Sunbutter Decadent bar.

This little fella, was my favorite.

It is chocolate heaven with a side of nutty goodness, wrapped up in more chocolate.
As with all the bars, it has a base of rice crisps, quinoa flakes, and various gf flours to enhance the texture.

This bar also has cocoa and sunflower butter added to it, for a perfect storm of chewy, chocolatey and nutty.
The sunbutter is actually pretty subtle in the bar, so that its mostly chocolate with just a hint of nut.

I like it.

So my friends, that was another Food Find Friday!
and it was another delicious product from Enjoy Life Foods.
Who's suprised? Not me, that's for sure.

I love that I can always count on Enjoy Life to have a delicious snack for me to eat without worry of the dreaded contamination.
I can also always count on them to have super cute bar codes.

Look through my other Enjoy Life Foods product reviews to spot other cute barcodes. Every product has a different one :)

Also, go out and get some of these bars!
Try them out for yourselves, and let me know what you think!
Do you agree with my opinions, or are you the complete opposite?

{I sent a special care package of bars to my allergy ridden nephew/sous chef to test on his vacation this week. I'll let you know the opinions of a 10year old on this product, as soon as I hear them}

and thank you for tuning in to another carina show :)

**while the products reviewed today where provided for testing, no monetary compensation was provided. The opinions on this sight are wholly my own without further influence.


  1. Sooooo....what DO they have in them?