Food Find Friday: Enjoy Life Chewy Bars

I have to admit that this new year is really bringing me down.
I miss Christmas.
I miss my tree, the music, and the rain.
Things will get better, I'm sure-as more holidays and adventures come about.
Its hard living in a place where the weather is so confused, ya know? Is it winter, or should I be prepping up for fourth of July? One day sweating in shorts, the next freezing to death in all the cardigans you own layered over each other because why on earth would you own a winter coat in California?

Anyway, now that thats off my chest...

Right after Christmas, as the depression was setting in and the mail piles where dwindling, I received a very special package.

Inside this special box, where four boxes of Enjoy Life's Chewy bars. One of each of their different flavors.

Here they are:

Cocoa Loco, Very Berry, Caramel Apple, and Sunbutter Crunch.

As you should all well know by now, Enjoy Life products are all free of the eight common allergens, and made in a dedicated nut and gluten free bakery.
What you should also know-and probably do if you've ever had their products- that all the products are absolutely delicious.

This product, is one that I have purchased many times in the past. There are very few gluten/dairy free bars out there that taste good. In fact there are quite a few that are just plain gross. 
Not these little guys though..
Lets break em down, shall we?

Caramel Apple:

These ones are by far the most frequent visitors in my house. Everyone from my two year old nephew, to my I-won't-say-how-old parentals love them.
They have a great cinnamon flavor to them, and delicious itty-bitty bites of dried apples.

Very Berry:

This flavor is actually my least favorite of the bunch. The bar itself tastes great-very similiar to the caramel apple flavor, without the "caramel" flavors.
I'm not sure why I don't love this one... I have no problem eating them. I think its the berries in there, and maybe because they are just not as flavorful as the others? I dunno..

moving on:

Cocoa Loco:

Chocolate! Yum, need I say more?
I shall anyway-
These deliciously chocolate bars are great. They have just the right amount of chocolate goodness in them to cure your chocolate cravings. In fact, I most often eat these as a dessert. They cure a sugar need perfectly, so I don't need the lesser healthy cookie and or cake option.

Last, but certainly not least:

Sunbutter Crunch:

These little fellas where the only flavor I had yet to try. I had seen them at the store before, but for some reason bringing them home never appealed to me. {it was probably the sunflower seeds on the front, they just scream healthy ya know? who wants that..}
Boy was I wrong.
This flavor might actually be my new fave. It is creamy, crunchy and nutty. The perfect mid-morning snack.

So friends, moral of the story-these bars are a great investment.
They are perfect for a breakfast, snack or dessert on the go.

My only problem?
There are only five to a box
and they are too small.

But I can live with that just fine.

{aren't these bar codes just the cutest? Bet you can't guess what belongs to which!}

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{While the products reviewed today where provided for my testing, no monetary compensation was given, The thoughts, opinions and photos on this site are wholly my own without influence.}