Dinner in a Pumpkin

It's almost the end of October all ready, how did that happen?!
We got our first real rain fall today, which makes it finally start to feel like fall around here.
I mean, us Californians; the first little sign of cold weather and we bring out our thickest sweaters, scarves and boots. It also must be noted that I ate soup for both lunch and dinner, and am currently drinking a large mug full of apple cider. Because I can.

Halloween is coming up this week, a holiday which I have never been the hugest fan of; but its starting to grow on me a little.

Every Halloween growing up, my mother always made the same thing for dinner on Halloween: Dinner in a pumpkin.
And every year, I had the same reaction: a turned up nose, and candy for dinner.

Last year, I made the infamous dinner in a pumpkin meal for the first time. I added my own ingredients, and changed the original recipe up a bit. Then I ate it. For maybe the first time ever.
Something must of worked for me, because I made it again this year. 

Heres the Recipe:

When serving (if in 1 large pumpkin) make sure to scrape out some of the pumpkin sides along with the filling! Also, I served over rice last year, to make it a little more exciting :)

This festive holiday meal was also served with fresh applesauce, 

in case you were wondering.

Along with dinner in a pumpkin, we would always have caramel apples for dessert while we watched whatever Halloween special was on TV (and by that I mean Casper the friendly ghost: the Hilary Duff edition) 

What are some of your holiday traditions?

and Happy Halloween!

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