Vegtastic Meal: Vegtastic Mini Meatloaves

So today, I am giving you a special present.
This gift I am bestowing on you, is a special show featuring the starring styles of veggies.
Lots of veggies. 
All in one delicious meal.

You ready for this?
Starting the show, is the headliner-the meatloaf.

I like my meatloaves in mini form, so thats how they are gonna be.
But feel free to make it in to one big loaf.

This is no ordinary meatloaf, however.
It is full of secrets, healthy bizness disguised as a loaf of meat, really.

Lets get started, 

First prep step:
the hidden secrets.

Cook up some quinoa. do this first, so that it can be completely cooled by the time it gets added to the meat.

Next, shred up some veggies. You can really use any you want, but I used spinach, carrots, zucchini, and added some onion.

All chopped up with this guy. I sure love him.
It gets all the little pieces, a big food processor misses on the bottom.

Now that thats done, get your meat.

and break up in a bowl.

Add your seasonings, egg, ketchup, veggies, and quinoa.

and shape into loaves. 
(mine made 12)

Mix your ketchup concoction up, and spoon over loaves.

Time to go in the oven!

Cook until done.

That all there is to it!

Official recipe as follows:

Read on for more of this Vegtastic Meal!


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  1. Problem: I want to print this up and I can't copy it from your blog. It won't let me. Will you email me??

  2. You should be able to click on the recipe picture, and it opens a new window to print. I'm working on printable cards :) But I shall email it to you..