Vegtastic Meal: Cauliflower Faux-Tatoes and Roasted Brussel Sprouts.

Most of you have probably seen these Cauliflower faux-tatoes floating around the cyber space recently, as I have.
I love potatoes. 
Anything potato, I will most likely fall madly in love with.
But, I have been on a potato cleanse.
Not of my own choosing, mind you-but these bits of deliciousness, are not on my approved vegetable list.
So out they go! 
(super sad face)

Come on in: some wanna be mashed potatoes that are actually cauliflower.

See them up there ^
They look like the real deal, huh?

I've made them a few times now, and while I don't find them to taste the same as potatoes, as some people have falsely claimed, they aren't bad.
Especially when an anti-cauliflower eater, like myself can palate them-no problemo.

Heres how you make them:

First, cook up some cauliflower until tender.
Next, throw them in a food processor, until no clumps are left.
Mix in a clove of garlic, and some dairy free butter.

They are basically finished-but to make them a little yummier, throw them in the oven for about 10 minutes. You'll be glad you did.

And your done!

From this vegtastic meal, I also am sharing with you my brussel sprouts recipe. If you can even call it a recipe, since all it is is a little oil and salt.

No before and after shots, I'm afraid. Sorry about that.
They were kind of an afterthought to this meal, as they just needed to be eaten before they had the chance to go bad. 

So, the recipes-here they are:


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