Slow Cooker Beef Tacos with Fresh Pico de Gallo

Today is Monday.
Tomorrow is Tuesday.
Tuesdays are for Tacos.

These particular tacos, are super easy and really delicious. 
Slow cooked beef, fresh pico, a little avocado, a shred of lettuce, and a splash of lime.

The last couple of weeks, I have been craving some tacos real bad.
The beef tacos I used to know, with a crunchy corn shell and fresh shredded cheese.
The kind of taco I can no longer eat.

But with my fresh, healthy, allergen state of mind-I got to work on a different kind of taco.
In the crockpot.
and I ate it Yesterday.
Because Sundays are for crockpots.

So I prepped the beef and made the pico de gallo on Saturday, and after whipping up some tortillas on Sunday, the meal was ready to go!

The tortillas I made were these. They tasted alright once the fillings were in, but they crumbled really easily and tasted pretty icky by them selves. Not my favorite, to say the least.

What was my favorite though, was the fresh Pico.


I don't think I will ever buy salsa again.
Seriously. Its good.
and super easy to make.

Heres the recipe:

It tasted just like the pico de gallo my lover, Chipotle makes.

Back to the crock pot, beef:

It shreds beautifully, it tastes flavorful, it looks delectable.

Descriptive enough?

For the beef, I used a piece of flank steak.
This cut of meat is a bit tougher than others, but its also cheaper.

But...When you put it in the crock pot, and slow cook it in its own juices, it becomes much more tender.
So really, all you've done is saved money, and not lost any flavor.


Heres the recipe for that:

Look at all that! Oh my..

 You salivating yet?
Better go make it.


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