The things I do with Quinoa...

Quinoa seems to be a food people either love or hate.

I don't really get why, which is to say I don't have a strong feeling either way.

It doesn't have a taste.

It is super healthy for you,

and you can eat it sweet or savory.

a perfect vessel if you ask me.

Generally, I just use quinoa in place of rice or pasta in a recipe. Lately, I have also been using it as a oatmeal like substitute, seeing how I can't eat oats either.

Such as this quinoa yogurt parfait with berries. Which I make by cooking the quinoa in DF milk {1c quinoa=2c milk}


or this avocado cilantro quinoa salad.


You can find the recipe here
One suggestion: the recipe says to cook 1/2c quinoa=2c broth. It made it too soggy, so use less broth.

I made some quinoa chilli.
Found here.
{eaten with some plentil chips, as pictures}

Seen here as a rice replacement, with a little bit of salad dressing mixed in for flavor.

So my friends, there are many things that quinoa can do for you.
Quinoa is basically the best grain you can eat, so eat a lot of it.

The future will be holding more quinoa recipes for y'all, just you wait.

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