Twinkle lights and Christmas delights

Here is a tale of Christmas 2012 in some pictures, and very few words.

Fall finally hit us over here, just in time for Christmas and the rain.

The parentals. SOO cheesy these two. 
I've never wondered where I got it from.

One of the seesters who abandoned me on Christmas. But she at least stopped by a couple days before.

We had are annual family Christmas party over the weekend-and this is what I came home with in the white elephant of sorts game.

Penelope the other reindeer!

A little self portrait action on Christmas eve.

My mom always gets everyone new pjs for Christmas, which we open on the eve.

I got pink polkadot jammies with little snowmen faces, and some new slippers too!

Christmas morning we opened some presents, you can't tell this is me-but it is. This happens to be the clearest photo of me from this day..

I got gifted a few new cookbooks, I think my family knows me pretty well :)

 Well thats all folks! 
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and I'll see you in a few for the New Year!