Chocolate Hazelnut Spread || Part Deux

Remember that one time I made some dairy free chocolate hazelnut spread, then made that crazy time consuming nutella crepe cake?!

How could you forget right. 
Well, you could probably forget quite easily because you weren't the one who spent a hundred years flipping crepes. 
But I will never forget.
Now that I am no longer consuming cane sugar or gluten or garlic or animal products of any kind...okay those last few are irrelevant to this recipe but do promote my cause of why I needed to make some chocolatey goodness to shove in my mouth
Anyway, I remade it without sugar, still without gluten or dairy and still delicious.

Beware that because the unsweetened chocolate is incredibly intense, you made need to add more maple syrup depending on your tastebuds.
My intention is just to take the bitterness off of the chocolate and nuts, not to add a ton of sweetness. But that said, the amount I have added may be too sweet for you, so add the syrup in increments and taste along the way!

Here's the Recipe, click to print!

In true Carina style, just like the last time I didn't wait for it to harden all the way before taking these photos.
I like to keep things consistent.

But also, first round I used cocao powder instead of the Baker's chocolate, and while it tasted great still it did not harden as much as an authentic batch of Nutella should be.


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