Currently // June & July 2015

In preparing for this July favorites, I realized I never even did a June post.
So here are some things I've been enjoying over the last couple of months.

Watching: I got sucked into a binge watching cycle a few weeks ago and watched the whole season of Secrets and Lies followed by the first three seasons of American Horror Story backed up by two seasons of Orphan Black. Add to the mix the list of regularly scheduled programs that were piling up in mu Hulu queue, you may be able to see why I have been slacking off on posts lately.
But now that I've gotten through that, I'm trying my hardest to not get sucked into anything else. I'll let you know how that goes.

Reading: Nothing at all. See above for explanation.

Wearing: Quay sunglasses, Asos Kimonos, panama hats, and yoga pants. Not necessarily in that order and not necessarily all at the same time.

Eating: I'm back to eating a 100% vegan diet, so I eat vegetables..and beans...and apples with almond butter. It's a sad life, but I'm getting through it.

Listening: Oh goodness, I feel like one week there is no good new tunes to listen to then all of a sudden the next week I have too much to keep track of.
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App-ing: I still don't understand how to use the snapchat, and I need some help! Please someone come help me. In return I will make you some gluten free, vegan, sugar free cookies.
That'll get you, I know it will.
I also gave up on Periscope. I just can't even with this technology stuff.

Craving: Nothing actually, I've reached this very odd stage where I really don't have any desire for food. Which is not good because I keep finding myself at the end of the day realizing I haven't eaten  anything but a banana all day.
But now that I say that, I really could use a good sandwich. Or a nice cheesy pizza.

Drinking: Since I'm so limited on my diet, I've been making a shake everyday to pack in some protein and extra nutrients. I mix it up between a acai blend and a chocolate flavor, but regardless its full of protein powder and chia seeds.

Googling: howtonotbesoincrediblyawkwardontheyoutube. search results coming up empty.

Coloring: I'm readddddy for the fall already. I want my dark colors back! And I want to stop pretending like warmth and sunshine are a thing that I'm okay with.

Shopping: See above things listened under wearing. I am so poor and I have such a problem...

Playing: I was going through my phone deleting stuff (remind me next time I get a new phone that I DO need the one with the most memory) and landed upon my the Guess the Song app, and even though I haven't played in probably a year I suddenly felt very possessive over it and have been playing it whenever I have a minute. Im just so good at naming that tune, ya know?

Crafting: I pulled out the ol' crochet junk the other day, trying to make my Netflix binge watching worthwhile. I'll let you know how that idea progresses.

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