About Those Hair Extensions // featuring a lot of photos of my face

If you follow my on the Instagram like you should be (if not, what are you even doing with your life?) you will have noticed a bit of a hair evolution over the last few months. 

One day its short, one day it's long..suddenly there are bangs then they are gone.
(I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!)

This is because I am now the proud owner of some Laced Hair extensions. 
When I had long hair I always wanted to get some clip ins to add extra body and length to my tresses, but after I chopped off my hair they became a necessity. 
I may be exaggerating about the necessity of them, but how else am I to get a beautiful long braid when the desire hits! 
Don't get me wrong, I looove my short bob. I've had it almost a year now and I have no intention of growing it out anytime soon. 
That said, it is difficult to have certain hairstyles with short hair.
Full braids are a no, sock buns don't work out quite right, and pony tails look so sad and pathetic. 

With my Laced Hair clip ins, I can create those styles so easily then go back to my regular hair within just a few seconds.
They come in a set of nine 21inch wefts of various sizes, so you can put them all in or just a couple for extra body.
Since I am essentially creating a whole bottom layer of hair, I use them all and hide part of my own short locks. But if you already have long hair and just want to add thickness, you may not need all of them at once.

As far as color matching goes, I made a completely uneducated guess on what shade to get. I picked the #5 in medium/caramel brown and turned out to match perfectly, but if you don't know what color to get they do have a great customer service that will help you out. 
Because I enjoy my short hair down, I don't wear my extensions down very often. When I do though, I will tuck in the bottom layer of my actual hair so that it doesn't peek out, and curl my hair and the extensions together. Curling it helps blend the short blunt cut of my hair in better, so it doesn't actually look like two different sets of hair.
(you can also bring your clip-ins to your hairstylist to blend them into your natural hair)
One of the hairstyles I missed the most was a crown braid. It is one of my favorite hairstyles, because it is so easy but looks way more intense than it actually is.

Which ironically is also the story of my life.
Looks Intense, But Really Not So Much: The Carina Story
When I had long hair, I would often throw my hair up into a big sock bun, put on my glasses and call myself Marian the Librarian.
Short hair Carina has sad little top knots that don't give off quite the same vibe. 
To put my hair up with the clip ins, whether it be a long luxurious high pony or this bun, I will put the bottom half of the clip ins upside down (so the hair extends up over the head) so that you don't see the tracks and it all lays smoothly.
A Dutch French braid (does that even make sense or does that just make it an American braid?)
 A cool messy four strand braid, with a half crown.
A braided part with a messy bun is tres chic for summer.
Besides all the updos and long styles, I also can use my wefts for short hair. The kit comes with four 2.5 inch wefts, that I will use to accessorize my own natural hair. 
Again with the braids, because that is apparently what I'm into for the summer...I will braid the four wefts into two sets of braids, clip them just behind my ear and cross them over the top of my head for a faux headband.
Or I will layer clip them just behind my hairline, and weave them into a half crown braid for extra volume.
Are you still here? You haven't left to go order your own yet?!
Sort of.

For more photos of my face, find me on Instagram @carinamdee and while you are over there also give Laced (@lacedhairextensions) a follow for more fun hairstyles.

To purchase your own, or to watch a tutorial on how easy they are to put on your head check out LacedHair.com.

Enjoy! xoxo

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