Raise your hand if you've ever watched the movie Ratatouille, and wondered what it was all about! Raise your other hand if you kept misspelling ratatouille while trying to write this blog post!

Sorry guys, I have no hands left to write this deal,  I'll have to use my elbows. Toes? Nose maybe? It's just sitting there taking up a whole lotta room on my face, being completely useless so... I guess it can get a job.

This is not going in the direction I expected..but when do these posts ever make any sense, ya know?

hashtag rambling.

 Let me tell you some stories instead.

Once upon a time, Costco carried the most magnificent jar of ratatouille sauce. It was spectacularly seasoned, (oh snap! I forgot to put an ingredient on my recipe! I'm gonna have to redo it again. sheesh. carry on....) and made for a great pasta sauce. But as all wonderful things go at Costco, they kept it just long enough for me to fall in love before the swiped it away forever and ever. I have tried to find this glorious food item other places, to no avail. Its been so long now, that I don't even remember the deets on it.

Once upon another time, many many times actually, my madre made her own version of ratatouille, basically throwing in any vegetables the fridge contained with a bowl of noodles and chicken strips.

Twice upon a time, I decided to stop eating meat so that I could get some sleep at night, and also don't eat starches in the evening, and had no idea what to eat for dinner any more. 
Enter ratatouille.

It is a great recipe for a quickish dinner, with no grains or meat products needed. (although, you can certainly add them in) I have a recipe here for ya, but feel free to live a little and mix it up however you please! Add a little more of this, or a little less of that, it don't matter! I, as the girl with garlic running through her veins, will add more garlic on occasion (less if I don't have enough;) or throw in some other vegetables I may have on hand.

Here it is! Ratatouille recipe version 8.3.

Enjoy! xoxo

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