Red Apple Lipstick

I spent all day today editing pictures...that I also took today...of myself.  Alright, I admit I have a problem. But I got a haircut...and I needed a new picture over there > > So, I mean it was the right thing to do.

But it reminded me that I haven't posted the iPhone selfie explosion that is my Red Apple Lipstick review!

So lets do it! Then I can pretend once again that I did something productive, when I really haven't. This week has just been a wash I think, I'm calling it already. Mayyyybe Friday I'll actually cook something. {insert crossed fingers emoji}

Spotify just pushed out Lips Are Moving into the air, and I feel like all the stars have aligned to help inspire this post tonight. Thanks Meghan Trainer, and you too stars.

Awhile back I posted about how I am trying to purchase beauty products that are definitely gluten free, and also free of all the other junk that they put in cosmetics these days. I also have mentioned somewhere, possibly multiple times, about my new found desire for lipstick. If you were to find yourself pondering Pinterest one night, while watching a Gilmore Girls marathon, waiting for your nail polish to dry, like I have on many occasions...you would see on said Pinterest a plethora of shiny colorful lips. Most of them are advertising how to make your lips like Kylie Jenner, but unless your color stick comes infused with Botox, I don't think thats possible. Just my humble opinion.

Over the years, I have often seen advertisements for this gluten free cosmetic company, Red Apple Lipstick. A few other bloggers have mentioned them, Facebook often pops up their adds, and many a allergy magazines have their sticks plastered across their pages. I finally got the hint. You can stop stalking me now, thanks.

So a couple of months ago, I ordered my first lipstick. I needed a good red lip, and they had about a million different shades to choose from. I chose the Red 101 and Rebel, both blue based reds to go with my pasty-white skin. Some call it porcelain, I just call it a sun magnet. 

They were both perfect. The Red 101 is a brighter funner red, while the Rebel is a little bit darker and more muted. 
Then I got an email from RAL, talking about their buy one get one sale, and because I'm a sucker for those emails I bought some more. 
I got an email today in fact, from Zappos saying they were going to  stop sending me emails since I never click on them. Thats because they don't give me deals, and I promise I won't miss that extra email every day, when I have about fifty other stores not taking the hint. But not you Gap, I love it when you send me little love letters asking me to come back to you.
Now I've realized I haven't bought anything from Gap in a while, and I'm getting really sidetracked... I need help.
Anyhoo, I bought an even darker shade of red, because I'm weird and I already seem to be a vampire so I might as well have vampy lips too, right? I also got a nudeish stick, because I felt I should. 

The darker red is Ravishing, and the nudey pink is Oh My Guava. Choosing a neutral color was incredibly difficult, let me tell ya. Thankfully, they have a girl modeling all the shades so you can sorta tell what they will look like. I was sitting there trying to decide for like a million years, then went with the Oh My Guava, which I loooove. I wear it almost everyday, when I remember to think about it.
Buuut, knowing that you have such a hard life decision to make, they offer little sample sizes. Which I got and also looooved the runner ups I had. So theres that.

They also sent me a sample with both of my orders, so I got extra to try!

I wasn't really a lipstick wearer back in the dark days, of pre-celiac. But I'm pretty positive the regular unhealthy drugstore varieties are not any better then these non cancer forming sticks. But thats just my two-cents.

Here is my face, unedited on a forward facing iPhone camera, showing you each of the lip colors I have tried. I know, I know, you can thank me later.
The problem I have is I loved them all. 
I am obsessed with the Audrey, and the New York, ahhh and Petal Rebel. They are all perfect everyday lips.
Coral crush I loved color wise, but I fell like with my skin it takes a very special makeup situation or I look like a just stepped out of the Claire's two dollar makeup station. read:cheap. So I have to remember to go really light on the eyes and brows to make it work, which I never think about until after I already finished my face.
And lets talk about the Fierce for a second, I really wanted this one in a tube. I changed my mind, and got the Ravishing instead, and Thank goodness for that. I actually really liked it, but no way on this earth would I ever go out in public wearing it. I'm not brave enough for that yet.
The last photo is the Almost Red lipliner that I also got, It is too dark to use with the Red 101, but I have used it with both the Ravishing and Rebel, and also Fierce. I feel a little more confident in the way my lipstick is going to work out, with a liner under it-so I will have to order a nude one soon I think.

And speaking of buying things, because a deal is pushed on me...

I also got the lip exfoliated and balm duo, because the internet made me do it.

The internet also made me just look at all their new colors, and now I want them. Its your fault, you made me link up all the colors I got. Sheesh.

I do need some spring fresh colors here pretty soon though...

Red Apple Lipstick also has some other makeup choices, such as mascara, eyeshade and liner. I have not tried these yet though, so I can't tell you how they work.

They are online only, so you can't go to a store and look at the colors or anything, but they do have a help course on how to choose the right shade ( I did not do this either) and also have incredibly helpful customer service. I think I received emails from both my "personal consultant" and Jay Harper, the founder after signing up.

So there you have it loves! If someone can just invent a magical lip color seal, so that my water bottle doesn't have half a face at the end of the day, that would be great!


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  1. So lovely. I have exactly one lipstick that I ever wear, which one of my children randomly got me for Christmas a million years back. The alternative is just live somewhere that's cold, so your lips are always redder then normal (sometimes with a slight blue tint...) and always require chapstick...no lipstick necessary!