Breakfast Talk || Veggie Omelet

Lets have a little chat, shall we.

As you may have noticed, I've been slacking a bit over here lately. There are a few reasons why I've sort of put blogging on the back burner, and I figure I might as well explain myself to you lovely folks.
Not that I neeeeed to explain myself, but anyway...

Reason number uno, Netflix.
I think that explains itself.
(see also: books, dance parties, and the internet. pesky little buggers)

But in an effort to save all of your thoughts from assuming I'm just sitting around eating bon-bons and watching the telly all day...which is absolutely not true, because I can't eat bon-bons, I threw in some photos of an omelet. Just to prove I did something.

In all seriousness though, I actually have been doing a lot of things.

Fist off, I do have a job outside of this bloggity blog, so a 100% of my time is not devoted to cooking/writing and this whole shebang. I wouldn't be against that happening, but unless my omelets decide to start paying the bills, thats just how its gotta be.

Next, my creativity is just really lacking right now. Which is really the main reason, and I could have just said that and not wasted your time writing all of this...
I've been working on figuring some things out, health wise, which means I've been cutting out a lot of foods and basically eating a diet of protein drinks and avocados. Please no one take my avocados away from me, thank you. So I don't really cook anything exciting, I don't feel like thinking about things to cook, and I don't think any of you would be interested in what my current diet has me eating.
Also, what creativity I do have is being poured out onto some other projects at the minute. I said from the beginning I didn't want this to be a solely devoted food blog, but it has basically become a dedicated food blog. My bad. We're working on fixing that.
We're (by that I mean my team of me and no one else) also working on some things outside of this blog, that maybe some day I'll tell you about, but for now just know that my hours of photoshopping things actually started out as productive projects.

Which, you know what I realized the other day? Back in the stone ages of computers, my dads computer had some program on it that had a place where you could put faces onto bodies of fake magazine covers, I spent a lot of time turning myself and all of my family members into Miss America, or various athletes. Basically, I've had a computer addiction all my life. It has just become a bit worse lately, me thinks.

While I am an excellent multi-tasker, my brain seems to only have the capacity to be excited about one thing at a time. It is another issue I've been building on my whole life, where I get really addicted to one activity/idea/whatever for a time, then get over it and start the process over with another activity/idea/whatever. So theres that.

I also haven't been on Pinterest since like Thanksgiving, so thats gotta mean something.

I feel like this has just been a big messy ramble.
Which is really the basis of my life, so makes sense.

If you came here just for the omelet, you'll probably be slightly disappointed in the casualty of this, but all it is is an egg white omelet stuffed with spinach, peppers, and onions, then topped with garlic roasted tomatoes. BAM. 

Roasted tomatoes are my favorite.
{don't take garlic away from me either, please and thank you}



  1. Your omelet looks amazing...and I"m only slightly disappointed that I never saw a picture of myself as Miss America or an athlete, famous or otherwise. However, it does explain that your selfie taking addiction started long, long before selfies were a thing... ;)

  2. This is making me hungry! where's mine?!?! ;)