Paleo "Cornbread" without any corn

That title makes sense, right?

Cornbread made Paleo, hold the corn. 
So really it's bread. But its really kind of cake.
Regardless, it's Paleo, it tastes good, and you can lather it in honey-butter and call it cornbread.

Although I do not follow a Paleo diet the recipes are all gluten free, mostly dairy free, corn free, and  refined sugar free. All of which I am a follower of. All of which this bread/cake is.

Come fall, cornbread is one of those things I look forward to-like apple cider and chili.
Unfortunately, as corn is one of my major migraine triggers (literally the second any corn product is ingested, my head will start to pound.) I have had to abstain from cornbread for the last several seasons. I have also finally given into the fact that refined sugars are also a migraine trigger for me. I've been in denial about that one.

So this recipe, while it is not exactly cornbread (don't get your hopes up) it has the same effect as its predecessor, and it is mighty delicious. Seriously.
It is soft, sweet, moist and slightly nutty. Just like the original. (that is to say if you go for a sweet cornbread, which I do)
It would go great with a big pot of chili, and incredibly tasty with a honey-butter spread.

Shopping List:

Almond Flour
Coconut Flour
Dairy Free Butter or Coconut Oil
almond milk
baking sods


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