Happy Halloween!

Lets start this Holiday with a few flashbacks of Halloweens past.

I think I had three other costumes this year...the benefit of having five older siblings and their costume castoffs.

I dunno if this was my witchy look, or the pre-teen angst. either way....

 Lets talk about how awesome my parents are sometimes. My moms mad costume skills, and my dad playing along. In public, might I add.

This might have even been the same  year as the bumblebee, I dunno. I wore that leopard costume at least three years in a row.

and you're welcome for this. 
Let's never talk about it again.

Have a Happy Halloween you beautiful people!

p.s. I will be eating my traditional dinner in a pumpkin tomorrow, how about you?

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  1. Good times!! Can't wait to see what you dream up this year! ;)