Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie

Remember how I had that whole ordeal with internet shopping, that left me with a box full of pie crust mixes? I remember, because I'm the one with a cupboard full of them.

I have successfully used one mix so far, now only five more to go! ugh.
So this week, for bag numero two-o I made a chicken pot pie.
Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie!

It is a pretty simple dish to make, the most time consuming is really just rolling out the dough, and chopping vegetables. Speaking of rolling out the dough, it was somewhat impossible to transport those rolled layers into the pan. For the bottom layer I just gave up and molded it in with my little fingeroos, the top was a little trickier and resulted in me basically upturning and throwing the rolled circle on top really fast. It sorta worked out. 

But we're just going to go ahead and call this a "rustic" pot pie. Thats what they do on all the cooking shows when it doesn't look so pretty. Like when they call a plate full of sandwich ingredients a "decomposed dish" because they didn't have time to actually make a sandwich. You aint fooling nobody. 
Also its go purple carrots. Nothing spells rustic like purple carrots.

Shopping List for Chicken Pot Pie:

chicken or vegetable stock
Coconut Flour (can be substituted with any GF flour)
GF pie crust
olive oil

Here is the recipe printable!


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