Gluten Free Chicken Noodle Soup

This is a post about homemade chicken noodle soup. 
I file this post under Thanksgiving leftovers, because you can make this same soup with a leftover turkey carcass, as you would with a chicken carcass.
Also, the word carcass is gross and creepy.

This is another one of those meals that we always had after turkey day. It went Thanksgiving thursday, casserole Friday, and soup Saturday. Always and forever.

To make this soup, you need just a few things-and you can add or subtract whatever you want, no problemo. 
To make a stock, you simply put the carcass in a large stock pot with water up and bring to a boil. I just know at which point in my pan to fill to, but its probably about 6-8 cups of water to my one chicken. You probably would need a bit more for a turkey.

I like to let the water stew for a few hours, to fully flavor the stock-but thats up to you and your time constraints. 

Once you water is hot and boiled, pull the carcass out, and pull apart as much meat off of it as you can. This part is gross. I could become a vegan like *that.*

Once the meat is off, throw it in the stock. 
Next comes the veggies.
Cut a half an onion and about 4 stalks of celery into small pieces. Saute in a small amount of oil, until slightly translucent. Then toss it in the pot.

Chop up about 4 whole carrot sticks, a cup of green beans, and 2 diced zucchini's and toss them into the pot.

 Let the veggies cook a bit, then add about 2 cups of gluten free noodles.
Serve warm with a sprinkle of sea salt!


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