Amy's Organic Gluten Free Brownies // and a change of tune

Oh hey guys, Hows it goin'?
Its been awhile, I know-I stink.
But, I'm back from that impromptu hiatus, and ready to share some more food finds.
I had a mighty overage of foods to review over the summer, and between a wedding, a funeral, sickness, and a new job I have slacked on posting them.
So this week, I will finish up those that I'm sitting on, then I will move onto some new exciting recipes. So fresh and new, that I'm not even sure what they are gonna be yet. But the holidays are coming up my dears, and you can bet I will have some festive foods for ya'll.

To start off, I want to bring you all back to this post.
In trying Amy's Organic chocolate cake, I decided it was gross.
I tried to be nice-ish about it, but it was almost completely inedible.

But, the kind people at Amy's were sure that their product was better then I thought, and they decided to send me a fresh box, strait from the kitchen.

And guys, I'm gonna have to eat my words on this one.
It was good. 
It was dense, and sweet and full of chocolate goodness.
Still slightly grainy, but it did not have that gross bitter taste that the first one did.

Along with a chocolate cake, Amy's also sent me their new gluten free brownies.

These brownies are not dairy free, which is a little sad; but they are delicious, so thats not so sad.
My best description, the first thought that came to my mind when I bit into a square, was that it tasted like hot cocoa.
Hot cocoa, in a brownie form.
Who doesn't want that?!

But for reals guys, they are good stuff.
Heres eight hundred pictures to prove it:

Is it weird that I like taking pictures of food so much?
Because its basically my favorite photo subject. Did I ever tell you about the time I wanted to be a professional food stylist? Well I did, and then came this blog. And then came two long months of neglecting this blog.

Sorry about that.

Check out more of Amy's Organic Gluten Free products here.

Have you tried any of Amy's products? Which ones, what did you think about it?

*I'm also thinking that this blog needs a little revamping again. Is it wrong to go in to full fledge construction mode, when you have a zillion other things to do, and absolutely no time to waste on doing so? I think not.

{While the products reviewed today, were provided for testing; no monetary compensation was provided. All opinions and photos are entirely mine, without further influence.}


  1. Yummyness!! Brave of you to "re-taste" AND re-post!! Good job Amy's and Carina Bean :)

  2. Oh yum! This all looks scrumptious! :)
    xo TJ