Schar Gluten Free Bread Products // The Best Sandwich of My Life

I dunno what me deal is this week, sometimes I'm just not in the mood to be all creative and witty, ok?
But the fact is, I have five zillion posts ready to be shared with you wonderful people, and I just haven't done it yet. 
It may be due to the fact that Netflix exsists and the Backstreet Boys have a new album.
I mean, nothing will ever compare to Millenium, but it can't be as bad as This Is Us
Backstreet Boys albums it seems, only had a place in the 90's, but this conversation is for another time.

Also, I just started Call the Midwife on Netflix, its possible I might like it more then Downton Abbey.
Which reminds me, I'm not going to watch that show live this season. Its too hard to get re-into it every week; better to watch the whole season at once, me thinks.

See what I mean? I just can't focus.

This post here is supposed to be about bread, lets talk about that.

And by bread, I mean Schar's gluten free bread products.

And by talk about it, I mean eat with your eyes the most delicious sandwich on the planet.
There I go jumping ahead of myself, sheesh.

The wonderful folks at Schar, were oh so kind to send me a few products of theirs to try out.
I have known about Schar, and seen their products at a store or two; but I have never tried them.

I have this thing since going gluten free, about buying bread thats not frozen.
Probably due to the fact that one of my very first gluten free loaves I bought went completely molded by the time I brought it home.
So anyway, I was glad to get this package of factory fresh breads.

Also, from what I understand; Schar is carried in a number of countries, which means no matter where you go, you can enjoy the most delicious sandwich on the planet.

Jumping the gun again, sorry.

The first of the breads I tried was the gluten free Multigrain Ciabatta bread.
Something you probably don't know about me, is that back in the day Ciabatta bread was totally my bread of choice. Its delicious, and this gluten free version did not disappoint.

I used these loaves for a BBQ dinner one night, and by BBQ dinner I mean burgers and guacamole.
And there was some watermelon too, for good measure.
There were not any good chips however, because Trader Joe's decided to be all out of chips that day. So rude. Then I went to the store next door, and all they had were ruffles. Ruffles are so not my chip os choice.
 I mean, who is eating all the chips in the world?! 

What is yummy in my tummy is this burger: topped with caramelized onions, avocado, garden fresh tomatoes, backyard picked lettuce, and a moist beef patty.

All layered on this delicious bun.

I also ate this bun, toasted and smothered with DF butter and again topped with roasted tomatoes.
I can't get over my obsession with roasted tomatoes, nor do I want to.

Whats nice about this bread though, besides that it tasted like real-deal wheat bread, is that it really holds up. In my experience, gluten free bread tends to get soggy and breaks apart when it has toppings.
It makes eating a sandwich pretty difficult, and eating a burger practically impossible without the use of a fork. And lets be real, who wants to eat a burger with a fork? It's just not right to have to do so.

 Next up, was the gluten free Hot Dog Rolls.
In all honesty, I hate hot dogs. I have never liked them in my whole entire life.
That said, I made myself a frank that I could live with.

I grilled up some gluten free apple and chicken sausages, and topped with a caramelized onion and apple chutney, and finished off with some fresh cilantro.
The finished product was sweet, savory and extra delicious.
How did the buns do? Fantabulastic.
They are a hot dog bun, so they aren't anything super special by way of breads, but  it paired well with the sausage, and didn't take away any flavor or add in weird textures.

I may have gotten sick of the sausage half way through, and just ate the bread with the chutney. It worked out.

 I also ate one (or three) of these buns as garlic bread, and it was amazing. The top got nice and crisp, while the insides stayed soft and delicious.

Last but not least, was the regular gluten free Ciabatta rolls.


I could eat this bread everyday of my life I think, and the sandwich I made with it. 
Oh that sandwich!

I think I figured out why I was stalling so bad on this post, I can't look at these pictures without full on salivation taking effect.
I need one. In my mouth. Right. Now.

 With this ciabatta bread, I made some gluten free pressed sandwiches. 
I have seen these sandwiches all over the place, and have been patiently waiting for the right bread to make them with. Not any bread would do, you see.

Pressed sandwiches are pretty much just as they sound, sandwiches that are pressed down for a period of time to flatten them and merge together the ingredients.
So, as you can imagine a pretty hearty bread must be used to withhold the weight on top of them.
I didn't have them pressed for as long as I should have, but the bread held up beautifully, and the sandwich delicious.

You want the recipe, don't you.
Here it is!

Feel free to make these sandwiches with any other ingredients you like! I loved the flavor that the roasted red pepper gave along with the chevre; sweet sauce with tangy cheese!
Also, the reason I roasted the tomatoes (besides my being obsessed with them) is so that I could add tomato, without it getting the sandwich all wet and slobbery. You could also use some sun-dried tomatoes in there.

What I learned from this here review, is that Schar bread is delicious, and that I need to get over my un-frozen bread phobia.
Its worth it.

To see more products and recipes from Schar, go their website here.


 **While the products reviewed today were provided for testing, no monetary compensation was given in exchange for this post. All opinions, recipes, and photos are the property of this site, without further influence.


  1. Your sandwiches look divine, and I totally agree with you on Downton Abbey. All of it, or none at all.

  2. oh yum!! thanks for sharing this recipe :)

    1. Your welcome! Thanks for stopping by ;)