My Big Sisters Wedding.

My sister got married last week! What!!
It was a fabulous week, with an awesome party and too few pictures.
I debated with myself for a good long while whether to bring my real camera or not, and ended up without it which was probably a good thing, but I still regret it.
So, here are the incredibly high quality iphone pictures from the occasion!
 Me, a double chin and my littler, yet older sister in a photo stolen off of facebook. Thank you grooms grandma!
Some lady in the nail salon shortly before this photo proclaimed that we must be twins, which people say allll the time. I really don't get it, I don't feel we look anything alike. She's the spitting image of my mother, and I am definitely my fathers daughter.
Whatever, that lady was cuckoo pants anyway.
But don't my nails look pretty?! They chipped off two days later. rude.

Also at the nail salon, all of the non-english speaking workers kept staring and smiling at me. It was totally weird. Then they started talking to my lady, and she translated that they were discussing how beautiful my skin was.
Then that beautiful skin of mine turned bright red.
Such is the life.
Deedle-beanie gave each of us bridesmaids a little jewelry tray with our names on it, and an initial necklace. I've already worn said necklace only about every day since.

We stayed Friday night in the schmancy Dolphin Bay Resort. It was a really nice place, with a incredibly comfortable bed, amazingly nice employees, and hot lavender towels.
What the purpose of a hot lavender towel is, I am not sure. But it was nice to have anyway.
All of my beautiful nieces and nephews, minus the Krewser who was not interested in any more pictures.
The Mr. and Mrs.!

 For the wedding, I made each of the girls a a different hair clip/headband and all of the boys had bow-ties and suspenders.
My two oldest nephews, and a baby lizard.
Boys will be boys.
Photobooths are where its at guys.
I spent a lot of time in there, and thoroughly annoyed the attendant all night long.
I think I might buy one for the house. Good idea, right?

On a related note, my nephews asked me about five million times over the week when I was going to get married all ready. When I am eight-three was apparently not an acceptable answer to them.

I think it comes down to them just wanting to have another epic dance party.
Which is slightly ironic, as I have myself some awesome dance parties just about every day, and they refuse to participate. 

To see some of these awesome dance moves, you can go to the photographers little video here.


  1. Even with your "crummy iphone", the pictures look great. You should have handed your "good" camera off to Susie click-click for the day. I would have returned it! Really! ...probably:)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Should have!! Plus, your camera is most likely way better than mine, so I would have totally trusted you to give it back. Probably..

  2. Epic wedding dance party...in Italy...right?