Gluten Free Crostini with Roasted Tomatoes and Garlic

I have developed a new addiction these days.
I also have several old addictions, and between the new and the old; I have created the most delicious snack on the planet.

Here it is, a marriage between my three favorite things: 
garlic (!!!), crostini (!!!) and roasted tomatoes (!!!).
The best part, it's super easy to make. 
So easy a caveman could do it, as they say.
You know how much I like easy.

How did this delicious masterpiece come to be, you might ask.
Well let me tell you:
I have been craving garlic bread for like, a month now. Between parties, and visitors and all sorts of stuff going on, I just haven't had the opportunity to eat some.
But as I was dreaming and salivating over the the very thought of that garlic-y, buttery, toasted goodness; a wonderful thought came to my mind.
A thought about bruschetta, which turned into an idea with roasted tomatoes.
And thus, the roasted tomato and garlic crostini was born.

*instead of slicing it lengthwise, like this^^^

you can slice the bread into circles, like so^^^

I say circles if you wanna get fancy, and boats if you just wanna stuff your face.

I obviously just wanted to stuff my face.