Social Media

Lets talk about social media for a second, okay.

I'm on all of them.
Talk over.

Follow me please, little lovelies:

Instagram: awesome photos, all day long.
Pinterest: check out some awesome inspirational ideas for parties, decor and of course food.
Bloglovin: see all your favorite blogs new posts, all in one place!
*Twitter :if you wanna here about my exciting daily life, talk about The Bachelorette, or here about what I'm eating, follow my tweets.
*Facebook: here about new posts, new gf related news, and maybe see some tweets or instagrams.

And let me tell you a quick story about Twitter. I thought everybody and their mother were tweeting. Turns out, I only know 2 people in the real world that are on there.
Major fail.

Please follow along, because my life is measured by the amount of followers I have; and thus my life is worth practically nothing right now.

Help a girl out, will you?

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