S'mores Marshmallow Pops

Its a new post! Hurray, hurray!!
I really have no excuse to my slacking, other than I have five hundred, twenty-seven million things to do. 
Planning a fabulous party takes a lot of work.
Especially when you decide to do things that take three years and a day to create.
There are a lot of numbers in this post. I guess my subconscious is just itching to get back to the medical billing world. Who woulda thought?

But about this post:

I love s'mores.
Small children love s'mores.
Grammas love s'mores.
I know this for a fact; an extensive study was done with both small children and grammas.

Memorial day as passed, which means summer is going into full bloom pretty soon.
S'mores are a summer essential, a must for warm beach days or weekend camping trips.
{although as a person who rarely does either, s'mores are also perfect to eat in your own home, toasted over the stove or warm bbq. I live within ten minutes of like five beaches. I really should go there more often.}

Kids like things on sticks. I like that feeding children things on sticks, minimizes the mess. Slightly.
Not having melted ooey gooey marshmallow and dripping chocolate mess all over hands and clothes, sure makes me happy.
Oh gosh, I really want an ooey gooey full blown s'more.
 Right this minute. 
Give me one please.

To make a marshmallow S'mores on a stick, you must follow a very intense process.
Do you think you can handle it?

Here it goes:

What you need: Large marshmallows, chocolate chips, gf graham crackers {or, if the store you are at does not carry gf graham crackers any longer, but do carry Enjoy life crunchy cookies::crumble up some honey graham cookies instead}

-Stick a stick {:)} into a jumbo marshmallow.
-Melt some chocolate
-Crumble some gluten free graham crackers 

-Dip marshmallow on a stick into melted chocolate, about 3/4 of the way. (so the mallow shows a little)
-roll mallow dipped in chocolate into cookie crumbs.
-Let dry.
-Stuff them in your face.

Hard work. I know.

Here are the two sizes of marshmallows for your viewing:
on the left is the super-duper jumbo marshmallow, and on the right is a regular large marshmallow.

I found the jumbos to be too large. The quantity of mallow to chocolate to cookies, were way off.
But thats just me.

Anytime, not just on a summer beach day, over the camp fire.
Those days are for the real bizzness.


  1. Josh just walked by when that post was on the screen and goes, "WHOA!" He wants one.

    1. I knew I liked that kid...he can have one :)