Garden 2013 // Part 1

Hello Lovelies!
May has come to an end, and with it the promise of springs end. I decided the other day to snap some picts of the current blooms growing in the yard.
My mom has worked super hard to prepare the backyard for my sisters bridal shower, which I am hosting next week. 
A month or so ago, it was literally all dirt. Not pretty.
But these days, its full of blooms and color and future vegetables.

While my lovely mother was working on flowers and such, I have been planting vegetables, herbs and leafy greens.
In this post, I will share with you five hundred million pictures of whats going on in the backyard, and then I'll show you my pride and joys in the front yard. 
Tomatoes guys, they are my babies.

Here we go:
{don't expect my to know any of the names of all these flowers..}

^^^little purple pansies, touched with yellow gold...

 ^^^some of my herbs that are growing. I love fresh herbs, even more than I love homegrown tomatoes. So thats saying something.
Also growing, unpictured: rosemary, tarragon, and lots of basil. Oregano will join the party as soon as its available.
 ^^^blueberries, and cucumbers. yum

 ^^^ I see fresh pico in my future :)

^^^and some asparagus, in like three years ;)

^^^bell peppers.

^^^ A memorial statue to the first dog in my life, Tess. She passed away almost ten years ago, and this statue has stood ever since. 

^^^snap peas, and eggplant.

Well there she is! I'll post some picts of the whole yard at some point, hopefully before everything dies ;) 
Lots already has, poor little peonies buds. RIP
but here she is, for old times sake:

 All vegetables, herbs and greens were grown by Growing Grounds Santa Maria, were they grow them organic and pesticide free. They were purchased from Rutiz Farms in Arroyo Grande, CA. They have the happiest strawberries ever, there also.

Flowers, whom I care slightly less about the way they were raised, are from a variety of places. 

Stay tuned, for some more of my garden!

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  1. Your plants look beautiful! For the record, the real Tess would have never sat still enough to hold a basket...