How is it Tuesday already?

Hello lovely people.

I have nothing new and exciting to share with you today. Thats the very sad truth.
The closest I have come to cooking this week, is picking out the ingredients to my Chipotle burrito bowl, and let me tell you; since I started trying meat choices other than chicken, my final decisions have become a whole lot harder.
I also decided to become a vegetarian last week.
Then I ate a pork loin, and that went out the window. So now I am just a seventy percent vegetarian, and only eating meat once or twice a week.
I also swore off potatoes, once again; then I had to eat some chips with me favorite guacamole, that Costco is once again carrying. Seriously guys, its the best guac ever. Better than homemade.

I have a problem with self control, if you can't tell.

In addition to being a partial vegetarian, and not eating potatoes; I have also eliminated several fruits, veggies, and nuts which apparently are foods that interfere with thyroid function. As my thyroid medication has been upped many a times, I am hopeful that eliminating these particular foods from my diet will help that little guy out. We like to support our body parts around here, its the nice thing to do.

While I am struggling to find things to eat, I also am severely stressed out about life at the moment.
And by life, I mean my finances.
And by that, I mean my lack of funds are interfering with my life.

Thyroid issues and stress are also apparently haunting my canine companion.
That little beagle, is practically looks like this, by now.

Which means a trip to the vet this week.
Which means money.
That I don't have.

How I am going to get there is a whole nether can of worms. I 'll tell you the sad story of my car holding my key hostage, just as I was about to leave town.
stupid car.
just kidding, I love you car. please be nice to me.

While I am telling you stories, I'll also tell you about my trip to the dentist tomorrow for the first time in about five million years. I am pretty sure I have a cavity in every single tooth. (fun fact: I have not yet had to have any fillings. metal free mouth right here.)

This was a depressing post.
sorry guys.
For any of you that think my life is just so bright and cheery, here's the wake up call.

On a positive note though, I am in the midst of planning a fabulous party. Because I love you all, I will share all the deets with you. But not until after it goes down. Which is not until June :(

Stay awesome, lovely blog readers.

and go eat some guacamole.

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  1. At least you're not a pregnant pioneer woman walking uphill, barefoot in the snow, hauling your starving children in a handcart. For several months. On 1/2 a cup of flour a day. So...what was that about not being able to go to Target this week? :) Love ya, sis!