Gluten Free English Muffins. Sorta.

I have a problem being left alone. 
Knowing that I'm all by myself, just freaks me out. 
When solitary, I get super antsy, snacky and sleep deprived.
Last weekend, was such a time when me and the Pennster where left to our own devices.
To Penny, it meant nothing. To me, it meant several days of no sleep, lots of projects, and an overused television.

In between watching a Snooki & Jwoww marathon (so bad its good. Really I probably shouldn't admit to watching it...), and cleaning every surface I passed; I decided to bake some things.

First, I made a loaf in the bread machine, 
oh look, here it is:

I was not super thrilled with it...I have yet to find a good bread machine situation I liked. (although, I did make it for stuffing at Christmas, and it worked perfectly.)
It also could have not been so great because I put it in, then left for three hours to do an impromptu photo shoot and Chipotle date with a friend.
Coulda been the problem. Who knows.

Next up, I made some English muffins. I call them english muffins, because thats what they were supposed to be, and thats what I used them for, but they didn't actually taste like a regular, gluten filled muffin. They were delicious, obviously :) but a little bit different. 
These little bread nuggets did have the basics of an english muffin though; a hard exterior, and soft and fluffy inside. 

I will continue to try for a more "normal" english muffin recipe, but in the meantime I'll keep enjoying these little guys. I used a buckwheat flour blend, which helped it stay moist and a little more filling.

Heres the recipe for you very fine folks:

*I do not have english muffin rings, so I used my mini springform pans, and It worked just fine. I imagine you could just spoon them on a pan also; they just wont be as shaped :)


Stay tuned for what I used these english muffins for!

P.S. Thanks for hanging in there while I promote my non-food related social media outlets, I'm almost done, I promise :)

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Love you all! 


  1. Anonymous17/4/13

    Personally, I think English muffins of all types are just the best!

    1. I agree! They were really yummy, but I still want to create a more "traditional" english muffin. Thank you for checking out my site! :)

  2. I make a big pile of sourdough Engish muffins every other week. We can't get enough of them...I'm going to have to taste your so-called English muffins and decide for myself. Once again, you really should come out here and cook for me. Sigh.

    1. For sourdough muffins do you have to use a sourdough starter, or they just taste like sour dough? If you don't have to use a starter, go on ahead and send me that recipe :) You come to me, and I'll cook for you--I can't be the only one putting forth effort :)