Gluten and Dairy free Eggs Benedict

So I made english muffins. Besides eating half of them fresh from the oven, smeared with butter (of the dairy free variety, of course!) there is only one thing to do with them.

Eggs Benedict.
When you have english muffins, fancy brown eggs, and canadian bacon lying around, it must be made into a benedict of an egg.

As I'm trying to write this. I have been sneezing non stop for the last five minutes. Allergy season, please be over already. I'll trade you my first born child, to never have a sneezy, itchy, swollen facial situation again. You can take the food allergies too, that sounds like an even trade.

Anyway, back to the eggs benedict:

You start by toasting up some canadian bacon and english muffin halves. Muffin topped with butter, both cooked on a baking sheet until lightly browned. I think I turned the oven to like 375 or something, but it doesn't really matter, as long as they aren't burnt or raw. (you can use the broiler also, just keep a close eye out!)

Next you poach an egg. 
(or two-technically eggs benedict should be both halves of the muffin topped with treasures.)

Now I don't want to start an uproar or make anyone feel all depressed about themselves or anything, but I'm kind of a super awesome egg poacher.
Don't feel bad that you aren't as awesome as me at it.
Its just a special talent I possess. 
You know another incredibly useless special talent I have in my life? I can totally predict when people are preggo. I don't know why, but I've always been able to tell way before the news is shared. Halle Berry? Totally predicted it at the Oscars. I had witnesses, and I was right. So watch out ladies I don't know (this power usually works best with people I see often, but am not too familiar with.) if your hiding a bun in your oven right now, I'll know. There are actually a few of you out in the blogosphere I have my thoughts about....

But again, back to the eggs bendicto. (thats me talking in an accent. if you can't tell.)
I rock at making this dish.
The only time I do not rock at poaching eggs for said eggs benedict, is when I decide to abandon that poor little egg while I go butter up another muffin. and no thats not a euphemism, I was actually buttering a muffin. Of the English variety. (still not a euphemism!)

How do I make such fabulous poached eggs, you may ask?
By using to special tricks. You can just use one or the other, but making decisions is not one of my talents-so i use both.
Trick one is to add a little vinegar to your water. You fill up a pot with an inch or two of water, then you add a teaspoon or two of white vinegar. Easy right? The vinegar helps the eggs to coagulate to itself without seperating.
Trick two is to make a hurricane in your pot. Add the same amount of water as trick one, and after its boiled stir it all around quickly until a little hurricane of water forms in the middle. Plop the egg right into the hurricane, and it will spin around itself to prevent separating.

Use one or both of these tricks, and you too will impress the world with your egg poaching skills.

So you got your eggs, bacon and bread. Like so^^

Next you want to make a Hollandaise sauce. You want to make the sauce last, because it will started to harden and curdle as it cools. Thats why in these pictures its a little clumpy, it wanted to be eaten right away.

Making Hollandaise sauce dairy free, uses the same concept-but it will turn out a little different. It won't be quite as creamy, and depending on what type of non-dairy butter you use it may be a different color. I used Nucoa buttery sticks, and thats why the sauce is so bright and yellow.

Heres how you make it, using a blender method:

you need: 2 sticks of butter
        3 egg yolks
                juice of 1 lemon
                       1 tsp cayenne pepper

Start by melting the butter in a sauce pan (microwave works fine, too)
Pour the egg yolks into a blender, and mix on low speed just until combined. Next, pour the melted butter in a very thin stream while the blender is going (on low still) and until the butter is all combined.
While its still going, add in you lemon juice. If it appears thick, add a little more lemon juice and continue to blend. Add in the cayenne pepper, to your liking, and serve right away.

Pour the sauce on top of your egg, bacon, and bread.
Its ready for eating!

But wait, it looks a little bland. and there are no vegetables involved.
A little spinach on top...

Ahhhh, much better.
(you can replace the bacon with spinach to make eggs florentine. As this has both spinach and canadian bacon, we shall call it eggs benetine. floredict? whatever.)


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  2. 1.) I'm definitely not pregnant, so don't even think it. 2.)My new allergy trick is lavender essential oil - put a little on the (out)sides of your nose (I tried lime, too, which also worked - but lime PLUS lavender works the best) or ingest a drop of (good) lavender oil - either a drop in a glass of water or with some raw honey. It tastes nasty. But it helps. Heather rubs some lavender between her hands and cups them over her eyes and that gets rid of itchy, watery allergy eyes for her most of the time. 3.) Eat local raw honey. Every day. Seriously helps with the environmental allergies.

    1. I'll be sure to not tell you that you look pregnant :) I did do the local honey last year, and we just picked up some at farmers yesterday-so hopefully it will work. I will not use your lavender trick though, because I absolutely cannot stand the smell of lavender.

  3. Then try lime. It smells like summer...and I could reaaaallllly use that around here these days...

    1. Bring it with you when you come, and I'll try it. You could use what? Farmers market? or local honey?