Show me some Lovin'!

This picture has nothing to do with this post. But I like pictures with my posts, and I'm talking about a home for your blogs. So Penny in her home, kinda works-right?

I read a lot of blogs. Some I read religiously, and check daily for new posts; and some I just look at every now and then to see whats been going on. All of these little blog links are nicely placed in my bookmarks bar, nestled in a little filed named blogs. Super creative title, I know. Up until last week, I would go through the list and click to open each blog every day. It was super time consuming, and I found myself getting annoyed when there was nothing new posted. (hashtag it: firstworldbloggerproblems)

Anyway, the other night I decided to finally link all my favorite blogs onto bloglovin
My internet life has just become so much better. 
I now only have to go to one site, and it shows all my selected blogs that have a new post up. You click once to read the full post, and it marks it as read and removes from your list.
I know a lot of people are reading their blogs through google reader, which is (as I understand) the same thing. But as google reader is going down the drain...you may be in the market for a new blog reading situation.

So my friends, moral of the story:
follow me on bloglovin! or subscribe to my RSS feed!

(rss feed means you will receive an email whenever I have a new post up. cool beans, huh?!)

I'l love you forever, I promise!!
I also promise, that I will have some recipes to make up for the shameless self promotion via social medias, that is going down for part of this week.



  1. I normally roll my eyes when people post random photos of their pets, but this one is actually rather cute. And Penny looks intelligent. So, it's okay with me. This time.

    1. Thanks? I finally got her to go into her house, after several years of vacancy-so I had to take a picture of it, obviously. Would it keep your eyes from rolling if I posted random photos of myself instead?! ;)

  2. Only if you were in a doghouse. We spent all this money on a heavy-duty insulated doghouse for Ella and she refuses to go in it. She would rather sit in a muddy hole in the rain than go in it. She won't even go in there if we put her food in there. Actually, the only time I have ever seen her go in there of her own free will was that day we had the tornado and there was golf-ball size hail coming down too hard for her to make it to the house. She owes me like $130 for the stupid doghouse.

    1. I am pretty sure I will not fit in the doghouse. I do not have a big enough dog for that. Penny will go in if I tell her to, or give her a treat-she just ill not stay in, or go in of her own desire. Its really rude, because I spent about that amount on hers too, and spent hours building it, all in vain. The ironic part was that the day she decided to take a nap in her house, was the day i decided I should go ahead and craigslist the stupid house. Since I thought she now liked it, I did not sell it, even though she probably will never go in it again...