Food Find Friday! King Arthur Muffin Mix

'Ello, dawlings!
Food find is back!
For today anyway...

I am completely overwhelmed these days, when I walk into a grocery store and see the amount of gluten free products that are now on the shelves. 
We have come so far..(we-like I had anything to do with it. whatever)

So many different brands and products that I have tried, and many I have not.
I look forward to trying all those things though, in do time.

Last week, in the middle of a doom and gloomy monday, I needed a snack.
I needed something warm, delicious and easy and it had to be found in the current bare state of the kitchen.
While rummaging through the pantry, I found this; a forgotten box of King Arthur Flour gluten free muffin mix.
Right away, I knew it was the snack/lunch/dinner I needed.

Super easy-peasy to make.
 Honestly, the hardest part is waiting for them to cook. 
The second hardest part is waiting for them to cool. I failed at that part. 

To make them a little more exciting (the mix is just a basic muffin. fine enough for you to have as is-if your into that kinda thing.) I added chopped apples, and some cinnamon/sugar mixture to the batter.

I also made them in cheetah print liners, because I wanted to. It was a just the stupidest monday, and I needed some animal print in my life.
Plus I thought it would make me eat less of them. It didn't.

They were perfectly sweet and doughy, and altogether delicious.
The muffin mix is a perfect base for any kind of muffin you'd like. Chocolate chip, blueberry, whatever.

 Just needs some frosting, and we could call it a cupcake. Because really, thats the only difference between a the two.

My only problem with these muffins, they were a little too light. I could eat five and not feel an ounce of stomach fulfillment. Yummy, yes. But satisfying, ehh not so much.
I think next time, I need to throw in some fiber somehow-but moral of the story; there will be a next time. :)

On a side note: I was not initially planning on blogging said muffins. I was just planning on eating them. It seems certain people think that anytime I make something food related, that I have to take pictures of it. (an exact quote from a certain nine year old, over my egg breakfast: "that looks really yummy, aren't you gonna take a picture and put it on facebook or something?" Not on facebook young one...so much to learn..) 
Anyhow, I'm only to happy to oblige.


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