Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding Dirt Cups

Hello Friends!
I know I have been a little em-eye-ay since my birthday...and I wish it was for a good reason.
Like I had so many things to do, that blogging was just impossible to do.
But alas, I have not been doing a single darned thing. 
The only thing I have been doing is nothing.
and eating cereal like its going out of style.

Easter was super low key this year, no dying of easter eggs, no big feast, just an ordinary dinner.
But I did make a dessert.

A dessert of dirt.

When I was a kid in elementary school, we were able to bring in a treat to share with our classmates on our birthdays.
There where always cookies, or cupcakes with the occasional pizza lunch.
But on my special day, it was always dirt cups.

I'm not exactly sure when this tradition started, I imagine my first year of school--but it continued every year until the sixth grade. The little paper cups got smaller every year, as the class sizes got bigger, but without fail I would always have this festive little treat to share before the start of spring break.

I have been wanting to eat one of these tasty little cup for a while now, but without the dairy...I wasn't sure how it would taste.

But the verdict is in, and it was delicious.

In the dairy full version, the chocolate pudding would be mixed with cool whip to create a velvety chocolate mousse. But as cool whip is not the non-dairy topping it once was..I omitted it. (you can also make a coconut milk whipped cream, but since the pudding has coconut milk in it-I thought it might be a little too much coconut)

Heres the Recipe!

To make dirt cups, mix cooled pudding with crumbled gluten free oreo style cookies. Alternate layering pudding mixture with more crumbled cookies in a glass. starting and ending with cookie crumbs.

Refrigerate for at least an hour, but tastes best the next day.

Top with a gummy worm, candy flower, or like I did this time; a carrot.
(to shape carrot, I used orange starburst candies and molded them into a carrot shape. The tops are green fruit slices, sliced on one end)


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