22 things

Friday is  March twenty-second, and it is also my twenty-second birthday.

Here are 22 random facts to help you get to know me a little better.

I am the youngest of six. Four sisters, one brother. (plus two brothers and one sister in law)
I have written and illustrated several short novels in my life, including a story about a monkey with a problem, leprechauns that kiss, rudolph saving the day, and a rendition of the grinch stealing Christmas. They would totally make it on the bestsellers list.
I absolutely can't stand doing the dishes. Even with a dishwasher.
I was the queen of hearts in a fourth grade production of Alice in Wonderland. I was also the worlds tallest munchkin in the third.
I am extremely afraid of cutting the pennster's nails. I feel like I am cutting off a limb.
I miss bagel bites. a lot.
I love John Hughes movies and Audrey Hepburn. Two of my favorite movies ever are Sixteen Candles and Breakfast at Tiffany's.
I desperately want a rhodesian ridgeback. I have for several years, sadly the house owners won't allow it...and I'm pretty sure Penny will only be happy as an only dog-child.
I can make angel food cakes in my sleep by now. and pesto too.
I am way over drinking my green smoothies everyday. I am also way over the title of this blog; it has way too many words in it.
I can't stand making sugar cookies. All that rolling and cutting out of cookies, not fun. I don't mind decorating them though.
I have four nieces, and 8 nephews. I wish I could see everyone of them everyday. (got that siblings? come visit me!)
I have never once partook of alcohol, illegal drugs or smoked. I would probably keel over and die if I ever did.
I own every single Nancy Drew mystery novel. There are about a hundred. I also have about a hundred cookbooks. good times.
I have dreams (nightmares) all the time, where I am eating wheat thins-not realizing they have gluten. Food problems cause a lot of paranoia. I just have really weird dreams in general. Like all the time.
In the year of sixth grade, I was pooped on by birds no less then six times. Mostly at school, and on the head. This may be the reason why I cannot stand those little rodents of the air.
My eyes change colors depending on the day. From various shades of blue to green. When I cry, they turn a luscious emerald green. I am tempted to cry everyday just to create that color.
I stink at small talk. If I have something to talk about, I'll never shut up-but I just cannot talk about the weather or other unimportant things. I just can't.
When I was a kid, I had a large collection of decorative pencils and shaped erasers that I played with like they were people. I could make up stories with just about anything, actual toys not needed.
I regret not going to culinary school after high school (before I was GF), just about all the time. Now, I'm too afraid of going and having to deal with my food restrictions.
Besides wanting to have my own restaurant, I also wanted to be an interior designer, a photographer and a food stylist. I think this blog is a good compromise. (despite my actual career in the medical field, which is completely random.)
I wear a cardigan almost everyday. No particular reason, I just like too. Sometimes I switch it up with a blazer instead...

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Boy coming up with 22 things on a whim is tuff-stuff.
Anything you want to know? How 'bout you tell me a little somethin' somethin' about you?!

Stay tuned in the coming days for more birthday celebrating, including what I hope to be the most amazing cake ever. Or maybe a disaster, we shall see....


  1. I am so lucky to be the proud owner of the "monkey with a problem" book...retirement investment ? Love ya!

  2. And I am so glad I get to be the "parental unit" of this blogger! Love you more ')

  3. Sandy you are the proud owner of a second and last edition. It will be worth big bucks some day.

  4. #12 - For the record I'm doing a whole lot better than all your other siblings!

    #20 - DO it. I'm sure there's a culinary school for food restrictions somewhere. Or I can go to class with you and be your taste tester...

  5. I agree with Jules...do it! Lots of people would love a "food restrictions"chef!