Gluten Free Reuben Sandwich

Its now the day after St/ Patricks day. You have half a corned beef brisket left over. What are you to do?
Make a Reuben sandwich!

Obviously, you can't make a real, rye bread and swiss cheese sandwich, but you can still have a reubanesque concoction that will satisfy your craving and use up your leftovers.

To start, you need to slice up your beef real thin.
Like so:

Next you'll butter up the outsides of some bread, and sauce up the inside: homemade thousand island dressing on one side, dairy free cheese on the other. ( I used goat cheese chevre, but any kind of cheese alternative you like will work) Add the beef slices, and some sauerkraut. 
Place entire concoction on a griddle (med heat) and warm until cheese is melted, and beef is warmed.
Thats it! Now its time to eat it up!

Shopping list for sandwich:
1 loaf Udi's french loaf, or any gluten free bread of choice.
sliced corned beef
dairy free cheese
gluten free Sauerkraut
Thousand Island dressing
dairy free butter

Layer ingredients and serve!

Thousand Island Recipe:
1 cup Mayonaise ( I use soy-free Vegenaise)
4 Tblsp Ketchup (get corn syrup free!)
2 Tblsp White Vinegar
1 Tblsp  Sugar
1 Tblsp  Sweet Pickle Relish (get corn syrup free!)
1/4 tsp Onion Powder 
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp  black pepper

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix. Allow to settle in the refrigerator for at least an hour, before use.

Recipe makes a little over 1 cup.

*I made this recipe in half, as I will not use this dressing for any other purpose after this sandwich.



  1. Anonymous8/4/13

    Thank you for sharing. That looks absolutely delicious! I will have to make this and I can't wait to try Udi's french loaf. Where did you pick that up? I just tried Bavarian gluten free sandwich bread and love it, I ordered it online.

  2. @gwensans, Your welcome! I got the Udi's loaf at a local natural foods store (New Frontiers) but I'm sure they have it online as well! I have not tried the Bavarian bread, I'll have to check it out!