Five things for a Friday

sometimes accidental self timer photos turn out pretty awesome, huh. just look at that hair flow, take it hair commercials!

I was tagged on Instagram a while back for this 5 things situation. I ignored it, because honestly I am just really interesting and how could I possibly narrow it down to just 5 things? But really, It was just too much pressure. Plus, who wants to type out a novel in that tiny little box with their iphone. I mean have you seen that little box?
 Not happening.

Anyhoo, the call was made to me once again this week when one of my favorite bloggers, Natalie issued an open tag to all readers, for a blog issued five things.
Because, we are basically best friends (she may not know about this yet) I knew depression would inflict her if I did not rsvp to this shindig. Just trying to do my part over here.

Plus its the first day of my birthday month, so it seems only appropriate I talk about me, right?

And maybe now those instagram peeps will get off my back already.
I did it ok.

Ready for it? Here ya go:

1:: I wish my life were a musical. I randomly break into song all the time; mostly to announce my doings or planning out my next moves. I am quite talented at song writing if I do say so myself. Although I sing all the time, I have never once sang for reals in front of anyone. Which is why my family thinks I am awful at it. But am I really an incredible talent? The next Mariah or Whitney? No one will ever know...and thats the way I like it.

2:: I wear glasses. I prefer to wear them over contacts, almost everyday for the sole purpose that if I should decide to do so, I could take a nap. Especially on Sundays, naps are mandatory on Sundays; and I can't take a nap with contacts in.

3:: I have typing-test anxiety. I never in my life have been able to pass a typing test appropriately. Ever since my first one in third grade, I just freeze up, and forget where the buttons are. I guess we shall never know what my official wpm is. Unless you believe what they say, that I can only type 12 word per minute, like your grandma. But I do not believe it. Come watch me sometime, I'll prove it.

4:: At first glance, people always comment on how quiet I am. Then after they know me a little, and realize I never shut-up; they tell me how hysterical and witty I am. I don't see it. I don't make jokes. I think I just say really rude things, and people think I'm joking. I'm not. I'm actually just kinda rude, which I guess is the moral of number 4. 
Its being worked on. 
on a side note: I do think of some really funny biz in the middle of the night. Thats probably why I have insomnia, I'm just to busy cracking myself up.

5:: I could eat guacamole with chips every meal of my life. I'd be okay with it. I could also eat pesto on anything anywhere, but thats for another day.

So there ya go! Five incredibly random things about this girl.

You can follow me on instagram, over there ->
but don't tag me for five things, because I won't do it.
It may just prompt me to make another blog post; and who knows what crazy things might be revealed.

But...I would love to see yours! On your own blog, instagram or in the comments. Go for it!


  1. I love this post. Let's go eat some guacamole! (my way, not DeDe's sourcream way)

  2. Never with sour cream! Gross.

  3. NEVER with sour cream! Bluh! And #4 totally cracked me up!

  4. Great post! I especially like #4. Are you sure you're not MY kid??