Nutella Crepe Cake with Chocolate Ganache

So... That Nutella wanna be bizzness I shared with you yesterday--it fridgerated over night.
Got nice and thick.

I ate a spoonful of it for breakfast.

So now for the reason I made that biz to begin with:

You guys.

Crepe Cake.
Nutella Crepe Cake.
Actually, Chocolate-Hazelnut spread Crepe cake.


Do I have your attention yet?
I thought so.

A few years ago, shortly after I first discovered the wonder that is Bakerella, she made this.
From that second on, I have dreamed about a million layer cake.

At the time, my mother did not want me to make this cake. 
Baking fourteen cake layers? Big mess.

But I finally did it. A little differently, but a many layer cake just the same.
With my mothers full support might I add.
For the benefit of this blog, of course.

This cake is super easy to make, and really impressive. If I do say so myself.

But, although its way simple to do, it is pretty time consuming.

I mean, this many crepes don't make themselves, ya know.

Lets begin, shall we:

First, grill up some crepes.

Heres the recipe:

I made this recipe times four.

It made 25 crepes.

It took a couple hours.
I would suggest using multiple pans, to make the process go quicker.

 After you have a nice pile of crepes, 
time to spread them with some chocolate love.

 Pull out that chocolate-hazelnut spread, and smear over crepes one at a time-and layer them over one another.

When I began the layering process, I was putting on a thickish layer of spread. But than I decided that it would be too much filling on this cake. 
There are a lot of layers. that would make for a lot of filling layers.

So I went thinner.
But when I ate a slice, there was not nearly enough filling.
Moral of the story, give yourself a nice thick smear of chocolate-hazelnut creme.

Salivating yet?

Now, you could just leave it at that.
The edges have a nice crinkle to them, a little chocolate biz showing, just add a little somethin somethin' to the top to make it perdy-and your set!

But I wasn't satisfied with just that.

Chocolate Ganache.

Here it is:

Just pour the ganache over the top, and tilt the cake back and forth to coat top and sides.

Because there are so many crepe layers, it may not drip evenly.

Just use a pastry spatula to cover the sides.

Let it chill for a couple hours to harden the ganache before cutting into it.

And when you do, It'll be a nice surprise for your guests when they see 
 (you need to have guests, because if you don't you'll eat the whole thing and probably gain twenty pounds)

 A perfect treat for Valentines day.
Or a Birthday.
Or really Special occasions, like say days that start with a t, or a m, w, f or s.
Any time really will do.



  1. Looks really yummy! Reminds me of a layered cake my mother used to make. It was called chocolate oblaten cake. Instead of crepes she used wafers (http://www.torquato.co.uk/karlsbader-oblaten-10-biscuits.html) Plus she added rum or brandy to the filling :)
    I did notice your gluten free crepe recipe calls for a cup of flour…. should that be rice flour, or something different?

    1. Oh gosh I did just say flour, huh?! I like to use King Arthur Flours GF blend, or Trader Joes GF all purpose; but just rice flour should work too. Thank you!